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Microscopic pollutant particles are responsible for most respiratory diseases like asthma, chronic illnesses, and lung cancer. According to statistics, the air inside is far more dangerous than the air outside with double the amount of pollutant particles. An air purifier can be the best option to purify the air in your house as the air circulation inside is less than outside. Getting an air purifier is relatively easier than knowing how to make the best use of it.

If you have an air purifier for the house, the first thing you will ask is, where should I place my air purifier? Where in the house it will be the best at performance to keep you safe from airborne diseases? I’ll get you through what you should know about placing the air purifier in your house for the optimal service.

Do I need an air purifier for each room?

Getting an air purifier for each room can be a big issue for the investment and the recurring electric bills. You don’t necessarily need an air purifier for every room in your house unless it’s compulsory for you. If you have a family member with respiratory disease, you should have an air purifier permanently in his room.

where should I place my air purifier

You can move modern portable purifiers from one room to another and keep them all floating in the fresh air. Not every room in your house needs 24/7 circulation; most of the time, you’ll cover the bedroom, the kitchen, and the living room. However, please make sure the machine is rated for the space you have in your rooms, and it has smart sensors to detect pollutants.

Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?

Getting an air purifier won’t purify the air inside your home unless you set it on a position where it can work the best. You must know these rules to answers the question, where should I place my air purifier to get the best service from it:

Decide which room you’re placing it

The air inside your hose is far more contaminated than the air outside because of less air circulation. However, when you have to determine which room has the most contamination, see which room as the most pollutant production.

Consider the kitchen first

Usually, the kitchen is the room with too many sources, with so many possibilities to have pollutants. Smoke, rotten fruits, spore, mold, trapped dead mice, and other pollutants are all available in the kitchen. All the pollutant sources in your kitchen, including the fridge and the burner, are well capable of polluting your entire house.

You must be very sure about where you’re placing your air purifier, especially for the kitchen. The kitchen is a crucial place to absorb pollutants because of too many pollutants around the vents of the purifier. Place the purifier in a place where the absorbent vents point towards the main contamination source. Keep it near the wall where you can easily plug it in when it needs to start working.

Placing the purifier in your bedroom

The bedroom is the second most possible place where you will have air pollution. You and your family members spend almost all their day in their bedroom, especially the nighttime. Carbon dioxide and cigar smoke can lead to lung cancer, mostly found in the bedroom as well.

We humans, exhale CO2 and breathe oxygen, which we find in the air in our bedroom, especially while sleeping. If you don’t have adequate ventilation in your room to keep the pollutants at a ground level, it can be dangerous. With an air purifier in your bedroom, you can breathe fresh air while sleeping and every time while working as well.

Placing the purifier in the living room

The living room also can be a great place to put the purifier as it’s a room where everyone expects freshness. Most of the time, you’ll receive any guest to your living room, so it’s important to keep the room healthy to breathe in. You can set the air purifier in your living room and make its air as fresh as the air outside.

Consider the size of the room if you’re shopping for the purifier and placing it in your living room. Most of the time, the living room takes a larger space than a bedroom. It can be a challenge for an air purifier to keep it clean unless you get the right purifier with enough purifying power.

Keep an ideal distance from other things

When you’re placing your air purifier in the room you’ve decided, the most important thing is to place it properly. You have to give it adequate breathing space to work properly, especially if it’s a 360° rotational air purifier. If the machine has vents in all directions, you have to place it in an open space to absorb pollutants from all around. However, if it doesn’t come with all-directional vents, you still should place it with enough breathing space. Place it a few inches away from the wall to absorb and circulate properly. Don’t place it too close to the sofa or other things that can block the vents.

How Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

Air purifiers are the tool to serve you fresh and pure air and keep your body and mind fresh all the time. Manufacturers develop the mechanism to effectively grab the polluted air in your room, filter it, and spread it around. The machine will circulate the fresh air in the room for you to breathe in it, and there are some steps in the process.

The machine will have a powerful motor with a fan, protected with all the filtering layers in front of it. These multiple layers of advanced filters like HEPA, Activated carbon, and others can filter out pollutants as small as .3 microns. The fan will suck in the air through the filtration layers and exhaust it from the back and keep the circulation on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about setting air purifiers that you might have an interest in:

Can I move my air purifier from room to room?

Most of the modern air purifiers have a compact yet powerful package that you can easily move around. If your air purifier covers the space of every room, you can move it from room to room.

How many hours a day should I run my air purifier?

If your air purifier is operating correctly, it will filter the air 6 times every hour. To get consistently pure air circulation, you can easily run the air purifier for 12 hours in a row.

Can you run an air purifier all the time?

Yes, if the air purifier manufacturer’s specification suggests running 24/7, you can leave it running all the time. However, it will consume your wallet as well! So, be sure about that.

Here Is A Video Presentation To Help You Locate Air Purifier In The Right Place

Final Thought

Air pollution is one of the most dangerous phenomena in our current world, leading us to a massive health problem. After getting your first air purifier, you’ll wonder where should I place my air purifier and how I should use it. If you have multiple rooms and a single air purifier to keep them all safe from pollution, use a powerful machine.

I suggest you go for a PCO air purifier with a higher filtration rate in a short period. No matter what machine you get, you must place it in a proper place where it can work the best of its ability.

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