Is Air Purifier Function Same As Air Conditioner?

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Everyone wants to live healthy and happy, so they get the necessary home appliances and devices that will improve their health. An air conditioner and an air purifier are household devices, but the air purifier does not have the same function as the air conditioner. While the air purifier cleans the air and makes it more breathable, the air conditioner cools the air and makes it more comfortable. 

Air purifiers are useful for improved breathing, while conditioners are useful for more comfortable living, but do you know recommended air purifier & conditioner combos that can give you a feel of both? This article will give you the relevant information you need to know about ACs and air purifiers and their areas of difference to make an informed choice if you choose to get them.

What Is An Air Purifier Used For?

There are several functions the air purifier performs that make it advantageous for you. Air purifiers are effective for ridding your home of contaminants in the air. The air purifier is handy for getting rid of airborne contaminants like odors, smoke, pet dander, dust, and so on. So basically, air purifiers make the air healthier and fresher. Air purifiers circulate the air using the electric fan.

What Is An Air Purifier Used For

Air purifiers come with different filters. Some come with HEPA filters which are built to trap and rid the space of airborne pollutants. Some air purifiers are ionizers. These ionizers are created to release ions in space and rid it of contaminants. Some air purifiers come with Activated Carbon Filter and are built to rid the air of bad odors.

Air purifiers come in sizes built to cater to a variety of spaces. So depending on your need, you can get a small-sized purifier for your room or a small enclosed space. You can also get a purifier system for your entire home. You will strategically install this one to purify the air in every enclosed space at the same time.

What Is An Air Conditioner Used For?

What you mainly use an air conditioner for is to cool your house. It takes out the humidity and heat from your house or enclosed space, making the air cool. You can use air conditioners in every indoor space.

An air conditioner draws out the air from the enclosed space and releases cold air into the space. You can adjust the extent to which the air conditioner works to regulate the temperature according to your preferences.

What Is An Air Conditioner Used For

There are air conditioners you can mount on the window; there are some you can use in a room portably, and there are the house central air conditioners. The house central air conditioner comes with filters that you can fix in your ceiling.

The air conditioners you can mount on the window and the portable ones feature front grilles and filters for taking in the humid air. The filters are meant to sieve out particles that can cause damage to the air conditioner.

Is Air Purifier Function Same As Air Conditioner

The air purifier is not the same as the air conditioner. They are made to function differently. While the air conditioner is made to make the air cool, the air purifier is made to make the air clean. So, you use them for different purposes. Basically, these are their differences:

Is Air Purifier Function Same As Air Conditioner

  • While air purifiers get rid of airborne contaminants, air conditioners get rid of heat.
  • Air purifiers improve the quality of air and promote healthy living, while air conditioners regulate the temperature and promote comfortable living.
  • Air purifiers are great for people with allergies and asthma, while air conditioners are suitable for people having issues with respiration.
  • An air conditioner can have a purifying effect on the air, but its main function is not to purify the air. As such, it can remove large airborne particles, but air purifiers can remove microscopic particles.

Despite their glaring functional differences, there is an area of similarity between them. Both the air conditioner and the air purifier trap airborne particles. However, the air conditioner is meant to trap particles large enough to cause damage to the unit. On the other hand, the air purifier traps small particles like dust, allergens, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Air Purifiers Cool the Room?

No, air purifiers do not cool the room. Air purifiers do not have the capacity to regulate the temperature in your room. Their function is to filter the air and get rid of airborne particles, making the air healthy and clean.

As the air purifier works, it releases back the air it sucks in at the same temperature. If a HEPA air conditioner is releasing the air after purifying it, you may feel the breeze, but it is not enough to get the room cold. It is nowhere near what the air conditioner does.

Do I Need Air Purifier & Air Conditioner Combo

You can use both an air conditioner and an air purifier in the same room. While the air purifier cleans the air, the air conditioner will make it cool. The purifier only works to remove contaminants from the air while the air conditioner is dedicated to regulating the room temperature.

Some air conditioners and clean the air to an extent. However, this extent is insignificant compared to how well the purifier cleans the air. It traps the microscopic particles that will escape the conditioner. So, you can have both an air purifier and conditioner in your house at the same time.

In Summary

Air purifiers and air conditioners function differently. However, they both enhance healthy and happy living. While the air purifier cleans the air in your space, the air conditioner cools the air. Since they both function differently, you can use both in your house at the same time.

Air purifiers emit a breeze when they release the clean air into the room but do not cool the room. Air conditioners can trap large airborne particles but do not rid the air of finer particles.

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