Can You Use a Humidifier and Air Purifier in Same room?

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We spend the majority of our time at home and that’s why it’s essential to keep the indoor air quality on top. Alongside with outside air, our indoor air can also contain many harmful contaminants which can lead to several breathing problems. Moreover, lack of moisture in the air also triggers various skin problems.

To get rid of harmful contaminants plenty of people use air purifiers and many use humidifiers to prevent dryness from indoor air. Though both of them come with different sets of functionality, both humidifier and air purifier can significantly impact indoor air breathe. In this case, you may intend to know whether you can use a  humidifier and air purifier in same room or not. The official answer is yes you can use both in the same room, and we’ll explain more about the usability of both of them. So stay tuned.

About Humidifier

What is a humidifier? Well, humidifiers add moisture into the atmosphere inside home air and prevent dryness. According to research, poor humidifiers can negatively impact human health by causing illnesses like Coughing, Wheezing, Shortness of breath, Chest tightness.

Humidifier uses ultrasonic technology, and it puts moisture into air by pumping visible or non-visible water vapor into a room. It adds moisture into the air by converting water into cool or warm mist and then expels it into the surrounding air. Well, there are three types of humidifiers, including evaporative, ultrasonic, and steam-based. All of them come with different functionality to put the necessary moisture in the air to keep the indoor atmosphere hydrated.

When to Use a Humidifier?

Humidifier can be a great solution for the diseases and health issues caused by dry air and stuffy rooms.  However, you may wonder why you should use a humidifier and when to use it.  Here we include share some iconic things you don’t kbow about humidifier.

1. Prevent Influenza

When you are suffering from several influenza issues, it may be happening because of the poor humidifier levels. Dry air is significantly responsible for spreading flu and other types of viruses. Therefore, you need to use a quality humidifier which will help to boost the indoor humidity level and help to reduce influenza issues.

Prevent Influenza

2. Dry or Irritated Eyes

Whenever you face dry eye issues, it can happen for plenty of reasons, and dry air is one of them. Dry air condition will make the tears evaporate too quickly. In that case, you can use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and to get rid of irritating eye issues.

Dry or Irritated Eyes3. Prevents Dry Skin

Our body is made of 50–60% of water and dry conditions can make your skin, lips, and hair dry and fragile. However, if you face such issues, try to use a humidifier to add moisture to your indoor air. Humidifiers will help to prevent dry and cracked skin.

Prevents Dry Skin

4. Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Suffering from allergy issues like dry and itchy throat, runny nose, coughing, nose bleeds, and sinus congestion can happen because of dry air. In that case, a humidifier will help you to relieve allergy symptoms by adding moisture to the air. This device will prevent asthma and allergy symptoms by the soothing throat and nasal passage tissues.

4. Relieve Allergy Symptoms

5. Helps Prevent Snoring

If you have snoring issues, a humidifier will help you to alleviate this problem. Among plenty of reasons, dry air is a reason that causes snoring because dry noses and throats aid the snoring. When you use a humidifier, it’ll loosen bloated mucus in your airways and reduce snoring from nasal congestion.

Helps Prevent Snoring

6. Comfortable Breathing

If you are currently suffering from breathing issues, the use of a humidifier can significantly help you breathe easier. A humidifier will help to keep your nasal, throat, and lung passages in moisture which helps the air to pass through easily. Humidifiers also help soothe your throat tissues while helping to sleep more comfortably.

Comfortable Breathing

7. Prevent Furniture Damage

If you notice that plenty of wood furniture is getting damaged or having a crack, it can happen because of dry air. In that case, by using a humidifier, you can prevent the wood damage and make your wood furniture more vibrant by adding moisture in the air.

Prevent Furniture Damage

About Air Purifier

The main purpose of air purifiers is to improve indoor air quality by eliminating airborne allergen accurately. This purifier is packed with a series of filters that traps and removes allergens, dust particles, bacteria, smoke odors, mold spores, and other harmful particles. In short, air purifiers help to protect us from various types of airborne respiratory diseases.

Along with a series of filters, air purifiers also use ionization to purify the indoor air. It sucks the indoor air and purifies it through filters and ionization before releasing it. In addition to the abundant purifier, the honeywell room air purifier is a popular one. That is because it contains 0.3 micron 99.97% particle trapping capacity.

Air Purifier

When to Use an Air Purifier?

When it’s about using an air purifier, most people often get confused about when and why to use it. Well, it is a very simple and effective machine that will keep your indoor air at the top. However, you can follow the section below to get the desired solution about using an air purifier.

Improve Air Quality

When you stay in poor air quality, it can cause several respiratory issues. Therefore, you have to use an air purifier which will effectively eliminate invisible airborne particles such as pollen, dust mites,  pet dander, fumes. By removing all the contaminants, air purifiers will let you breathe clean and fresh air.

Prevent Allergies

If you are currently suffering from allergy issues, then the use of an air purifier can significantly help to prevent allergies. Our indoor air can be 2 to 5 times dirtier than the outside air, and that easily triggers allergies. Air purifiers will remove the dirt from the inside through multiple filters and relieve symptoms of allergies.

Relieves Asthma Symptoms

Are you suffering from hypersensitivity or asthma? Well, 1 in 12 people have asthma issues, and it can be relieved by using an air purifier. The purifier will remove odor and chemical pollutants from indoors and provide favorable breathing. When the air purifier removes harmful chemicals, you will be able to get rid of the asthma symptoms.

Remove Unpleasant Odors

Air purifier is equipped with several air filters that help to remove unpleasant odors. Wherever you will face unpleasant odors issues because of cooking oil, burnt toast, an air purifier will clean and fresh the air. Air purifiers can remove tobacco smoke, associated fumes and fireplace shoot, which is responsible for spreading unpleasant odors in your environment.

Reduces Airborne Diseases

Several airborne diseases like flu and cold can spread around through tiny pathogens floating around. Thus, when a family member gets the flu or a cold, the rest of the family gets sick too. In that case, an air purifier will capture airborne particles and remove them through its filtering. This is how air purifiers will help you reduce airborne diseases.

Can You Use a Humidifier and Air Purifier in the Same Room?

You can use a humidifier and air purifier in same room even though they are different from each other in terms of serving their purposes. The purifier will clean the air and the humidifier will add moisture to the air to keep the air hydrated.

When you’ll place both of them in the same room, they will enhance your indoor air quality and provide better breathability.

Do not forget to place them in a way they stay  opposite to one-another and keep a 2 or 3 feet distance between them. Otherwise, the moisture of the humidifier will clog or negatively impact the purifiers’ effectiveness.


For optimal breathability, it’s really essential to keep the indoor atmosphere safe, pure, and airborne particles free. Not only for proper breathability, but you also need to keep the indoor air on top to keep the respiratory issues away. In that case, nothing would be more effective and helpful than using a humidifier and air purifier in same room.

The purifier will purify the air and the humidifier will keep it moist. Therefore, you and your family will be able to breathe clean air. However, while using both in the same room, you must use them accurately to get favorable results. Otherwise, it will cause incidents like shocks, burns and so on.

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