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Air purifiers have become one of the popular home cleaning tools all over the world. People who suffer from asthma or eczema use air purifiers to get off the allergens and other sensitive substances. You can keep the ecological balance of the room for healthy breathing. The industrial revolution has destroyed the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Moreover, we use air-fresheners, perfumes, hairspray, and different cosmetics that polluted the air of the room. To get rid of all visible and invisible air problems, you should know how to use air purifier. After reading this article, you will get a clear view of the process of using the air purifier.


Can You Run An Air Purifier All The Time?

As an air purifier is an electronic tool, most people want to know how to use it. The most common question of the users about this tool is whether they can run an air purifier all the time.

Some people become worried about the energy bills of the air purifier. Some high-end air purifiers come with Smart Sensor technology that automatically turns on and turns off. These air purifiers also adjust the speed of the air purifiers. So, it requires very low energy to work efficiently.

If you are suffering from allergy and asthma, you want to keep the air clean all time. Open windows, pets, and air conditioners produce air pollutants that bring asthma and allergy. So, you should turn air purifiers even if you are not at home.

The air purifier circulates and purifies the air with a filter and fan. To know how air purifiers really work, click the following links.

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How To Use An Air Purifier?

Some people buy a high power air purifier but become dissatisfied after using it. A customer service employee from a renowned air purifier company has said that most users damage the air purifiers due to improper usage. To know the proper use of the air purifiers, we always recommend reading the manuals. The proper usage of the air purifier varies on models to models. We have given some common guidelines for using air purifiers to protect from damage.

Select the best location:

You need to select a proper place from where it can bring all air from all corners. Don’t keep some metal things in front of it. Location is important if you are using an air purifier in a big room, or you are using an air purifier for multiple rooms.

Keep in the right direction to keep to get maximum benefits:

You should always measure the size of the room before buying an air purifier. If the size of your room is very big, you can set your air purifiers in the right direction. Where you sit and sleep regularly should be clean. So, you should set in the right direction to get the maximum benefit.

Keep turning on 24/7:

High-end air purifiers automatically adjust speed and voltage to keep your air healthy and reduce the electric cost. It also requires low voltage to circulate air. So, there is no need to turn off the machine. You inhale the oxygen after coming from outside that contains the bad smells and pet pollutants.

Change Filter regularly:

Air purifiers use different types of filters to purify the air. HEPA and carbon filters need low maintenance, and you need to replace them annually. Some air purifiers use a washable filter that requires cleaning once a week. Filters of the air purifier become damaged if you don’t clean the filters regularly. As the filters of the air purifiers do most of the task of the air purifier, it is crucial to clean the filters.

Keep windows and doors closed:

All air purifiers have some limitations in the circulating air amount. If you keep open the door and windows when using it, the purified air goes outside, and polluted air comes in the room. So, we don’t get the result of using air purifiers. So, close windows and doors at the time of using air purifiers.

I hope you have got a clear view of the question of “how to use air purifier.” People who don’t suffer from asthma use air purifiers of bad smell produced for internal and external factors. To get the best air purifier for odor elimination, click the following link.

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Benefits Of An Air Purifier

The general work of air purifiers is to circulate all harmful pollutants and gas. Clean air prevents developing pulmonary diseases and other health problems. Let’s see other health benefits of the air purifiers.

Air purifiers eliminate allergens:

Your body produces allergy antibodies at the time of inhaling dust, pollen, and pet odor. The reaction of the allergy starts after inhaling these pollutants. You can reduce these types of allergens by using an effective air purifier. Some types of air purifiers can produce ozone that also creates an allergy.

Eliminate the triggers of the Asthma Attacks:

The triggers of the asthma attacks include dirt, dust, dry skin cells, air-freshening spray, paint products. All of these triggers increase the chances of causing asthma and other skin problems. You will feel wheezing and other symptoms of asthma if you don’t remove these triggers.

Get rid of lung disease:

The smoke of tobacco and cigarettes can cause severe pulmonary and heart diseases. It also develops asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. If you smoke in a room where your kids play and sleep, they will face serious respiratory and lung problems. An air purifier traps the particles of the tobacco and cigarette.

Extract airborne asbestos particles:

We use asbestos to protect from external heat and chemicals. But airborne asbestos particles are the great sources for causing cancer and develop mesothelioma. These airborne particles also affect the lungs. The manufacturers of protective clothing, brake linings, and pipe insulations use asbestos to protect these materials from overheat. As we must use these materials in our house, we need to use air purifiers that remove all airborne asbestos particles.

These are the basic benefits of air purifiers. If you want to know more about the benefits of the air purifier, click the following link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sleep keep turning air purifier on?

Air purifiers only use filters and fans to circulate and purify the polluted air. It does not use any harmful chemicals that can affect sleep. If you can’t sleep for any noise, you should buy a noiseless air purifier.

Do air purifiers make the room cold?

A small fan is used in the air purifier that pulls air into the filter. As this fan doesn’t blow air out, it doesn’t make your room cold.

Do air purifiers work if windows are open?

Purified air goes outside if you keep windows open. Though some air purifiers work to circulate air, even maintaining open windows, outside air can re-introduce allergens in the room. So, it is safe to use air purifiers keeping windows closed.

Check Out The Video To Learn Where To Locate Your Air Purifier

Final Thought

The effectiveness of using air purifiers depends on a lot of factors. The extent and type of air pollution in your area, the size of the room, and the proper use of it are some of the determinants for choosing an air purifier. You also need to turn it on all time you stay in the room.

It requires a minimum voltage, and you need to regularly clean the filter or replace the filters in case of damage. I think you have already known the answer to the question of “how to use air purifier.” To get more information about particular types, see the manual of the air purifier.

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