How to Tell If Air Purifier is Working? An Expert Explains 2022

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An air purifier is a useful device to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers have internal fans to move the air steadily in a specified direction in your home through several filters that vanish harmful airborne particles like dust, spermatic fluid, and bacteria.

It is easy to operate and needs very little maintenance. But sometimes you may face some doubt condition whether the air purifier is working correctly or not after you have turned it on. So, we’ve come with a proper guideline on how to tell if an air purifier is working or not. However, if you notice any unusual thing in your device, you should check it.

Do air purifiers really work?

Most of the air purifiers promise to give you a pure breath of healthy air to discover freshness. The air purifiers are used to cleanse the indoor air in your house. Besides, they can remove most of the contaminants, including smoke, dust, odors, and pet dander.


One study found that the level of pollutants in indoor air is five times greater than outdoor air. So you need a particular device capable of cleaning all the indoor particles and pollutants from your room entirely. But these units may not neutralize or remove all types of harmful particles from your home.

There are mainly four different methods that are used to clean your indoor air. Most of these cleaners use one or more methods to clean the surrounding air. Some premium quality air purifiers can clean your home almost entirely. But most of them work as a reliable solution to a certain degree. Additionally, they don’t work effectively as much as they advertised.

How To Tell If The Air Purifier Is Working?

Air purifiers mainly filter different types of particles. Luckily, you can do several things to make sure your air purifier is working correctly. You should check them regularly to inspect their filter performance.

Check for Air Circulation

The simple yet effective method is checking the air circulation. If your air circulation doesn’t operate properly, you may notice uneven things by seeing its fan speed. But some device can adjust their airflow based on the indoor environment.

What you can do is changing the fan setting manually to control the speed. Moreover, your device may sound louder if there is any contaminant buildup inside it.

Check Your Filter Manually

It is better to remove and inspect your air purifier device periodically, whether it is working correctly. HEPA filter and pre-filter are needed to change after a certain period, and you can guess their span of life by seeing their condition.

Most of the filters work a maximum of 6 months. You can also get a clear idea about their functions if there are too much dust, hair, and debris in the filter.

Monitor the Filter Service Indicator

Most of the air purifiers have filter service indicators that correctly compute the air induction system filter restriction. You can see it either on the device or by connecting it through an app.

It is a great idea to check out the filters properly when the filter service indicator comes on. If you see the filter service indicator is on, you should check whether it is operating optimally. Do what is needed to be done to solve the problem.

Run Tests with an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Another effective way to assess the performance of your device is by using an IAQ monitor. It will help you to know the levels of common pollutants and other air conditions. The result shows whether the air quality of your indoor room has improved or not. You need to take expert help to check your device correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever thought about your air purifiers in that way? I didn’t. But when I came to know about this, I was surprised. So, after a ton of researches, we’ve also included some common questions in that portion.

Does every room need an air purifier?

A single big size air purifier can work as a whole-house air purifier. But its price is costly. On the other hand, a portable single air purifier is affordable and easy to install. They come in different price range, design, size, brands, etc. to fulfill your requirements.

Does air purifier work with windows open?

The air purifier works perfectly well, even with windows open. It will immediately clean harmful airborne particles from our room while providing breathable air. If you always keep your doors or windows open, there might be a chance of entering additional contaminants from an outside source. So, keep your windows or doors close for maximum effectiveness.

How long does it take for an air purifier to work?

Normally, an air purifier takes 45 minutes maximum to 3 hours to purify most of the air in a room. The cleaning speed depends on multiple factors, including selected power setting, filters, air changes per hour, etc. You will able to notice a difference after only 30 minutes or more.

Final Verdict

These are all the tests you can do to check your device working correctly or not. Hopefully, you’ll provide your verdict on how to tell if an air purifier is working or not. It is better to regularly measure your air purifier performance to ensure that it gives you maximum service. If you are still unsure whether it is working correctly, you should take help from professional experts.

Make sure your air purifier size is compatible with your room size. Because your small air purifier may not work effectively in an extra-large room. If you have a warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for support. Hopefully, you will able to find whether your device is working correctly. We tried our best to keep this article entertaining and, at the same time, informative as possible.

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