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The dehumidifier is an exceptional device for reducing humidity in high humidity environments. However, you may notice that the cooling unit of your dehumidifier is not producing cold, dry air or working at its maximum capacity.

Well, it could be that it needs to be recharged to regain the old moisture absorbing capacity. Wondering How to recharge a dehumidifier and what aspects to remember while recharging a dehumidifier? You will need a refrigerant or coolant, and these chemicals will help maintain the performance.

All you have to do is refill the coolant or refrigerant to your dehumidifier. Learn how to recharge the dehumidifier, what safety tips to maintain, and all others related throughout this article.

Can Home Dehumidifiers Be Recharged?

If you’re wondering if you can recharge your home’s dehumidifier or any moisture absorbers, it’s difficult to answer directly. You cannot recharge all dehumidifiers unless they are made with refrigerant or desiccant.

Can Home Dehumidifiers Be Recharged

If your dehumidifier contains refrigerators or coolants like R-410A, R-22, or Puron, etc, then you can recharge them. Moreover, most of today’s dehumidifiers are made with a wide range of cooling methods.

Therefore, it’s good to check the manual to determine if the dehumidifier can be charged or not. However, no matter you’re using a dehumidifier for home, attic, or any other place, you can’t recharge them unless they have refrigerators or coolants. Learn more about dehumidifier recharging aspects from the dehumidifiers for attic review.

When Should You Recharge A Dehumidifier

Well, it depends on several factors that are precisely when you need to recharge your dehumidifier. Here we have included some key points that can help you understand the need for dehumidifier recharge-

When Should You Recharge A Dehumidifier

Check the Humidity Level:

You need to check the humidity level frequently. If the fan and motor of your dehumidifier are running but not absorbing moisture or reducing the dampness, then a recharge is essential.

Check Out the Exhaust Pipe:

The dehumidifier will continuously blow out dry air through the exhaust pipe. If you observe the pipe is blowing moisture rather than dry air, you should recharge your dehumidifier.

No Condensing:

If you see the water tank is empty while the dehumidifier is running, it can probably happen because of no condensing. That means the machine is not drawing moisture from the air. So you have to recharge the dehumidifier to let it work perfectly.

Control Panel:

Now, most of the dehumidifier has an indicator light in its control panel. The indicator will automatically notify and let you know if your dehumidifier needs to be recharged or not.

How To Recharge A Dehumidifier

Recharging a dehumidifier is an easy task that can be done by any dehumidifier user. However, if you’ve never recharged a dehumidifier before, it can seem complicated to you. In this case, you can follow this section to get a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  • Step – 1: First select the compatible gas can or cylinder containing. (Be aware of what gas you’re using)
  • Step – 2: You can keep the dehumidifier running while utilizing the coolant.
  • Step – 3: Remove the valve cover and link the filler line to the valve. However, never open the valve completely.
  • Step- 4: Eliminate all the excess air from the filler’s pipe to avoid any damage to the compressor.
  • Step -5: Tighten the valve linking point, unfold the valve, and check the coolant level on the gauge.
  • Step – 6: Refill the coolant in short bursts. Stop when it makes the correct or accurate level.
  • Step – 7: Close the valve and remove the filler pipe. And now you are done.

Safety Tips When Recharging A Dehumidifier

Although you will recharge your dehumidifier to restore its old working ability, improper recharging can ruin the actual efficiency. Therefore, maintaining some safety precautions is essential, and here are some of the safety tips. Have a look-

Ensure Proper Ventilation

The first thing you need to do while recharging the dehumidifier by yourself is ensuring proper ventilation. When you recharge the machine, it may produce excess dry air, moisture, or even chemicals.

Standing Upright

While recharging a dehumidifier, make sure you stand in an upright position and keep the dehumidifier in the same position. You also need to keep the dehumidifier charger in an upright position.


You need to place the dehumidifier on a heat-resistant surface. That is because, during the recharging, the machine can become hot and produce heat. Moreover, always keep the unit open and uncovered to trim overheating issues.

Keep Kids Away

Coolants and Refrigerants are both highly pressurized and definitely dangerous that can significantly harm your kids. Therefore, always try to keep your children or kids away while recharging the dehumidifier.

Final Words

Sometimes you might notice that your moisture absorber is not working as it used to. It can happen due to several factors, and the lack of recharge is one of them. Recharging a dehumidifier is not easy because it requires certain gases and chemicals. Since we’ve shown How to recharge a dehumidifier, anyone can do it without any hassle.

Safety precautions are a must that you need to bear in mind whenever you’re about to recharge your dehumidifier. Improper recharging without maintaining safety tips can lead to many minor to severe incidents and even damage the dehumidifier. Once you recharge the dehumidifier properly, it’ll absorb moisture from the air as before and more efficiently.

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