How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter

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Winter is a favorite season for many of us, but people are afraid of it due to its poor air quality. The weather of the winter season can be hazardous for the people  who work in commercial and industrial buildings. No, not for extreme levels of snowy or slithery roads but breathing the air once. A lot of mercantile buildings worldwide hold inferior air quality, especially in winter season.

A question may arise, why air quality in winter season gets worse. It‘s easy to perceive, to refuse entrance to the cold, and down electric costs, we made a building with developed protections and high-efficiency doors and windows. Thus, warm air inside the building can’t get out and become a pollutant. To know How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter, check the below text.

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What Causes Indoor Poor Air Quality in Winter?

Several reasons are responsible for indoor poor air quality. Usually, in the summer season, we keep our door open always, but we do the opposite thing in winter season to prevent entering cold air inside the home. Consequently, the warm air can’t get out even if it is a pollutant.

What Causes Indoor Poor Air Quality in Winter

Majority of us use subsidiary heating resources to warm inside the home. Though Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning(HVAC) do refine the overall air,  a subsidiary heating source plays a crucial role in making the air of indoor quality poor. Thus, to keep our inside air strain, we should avoid using Supplementary sources.

Wood burning stoves are another principal reason behind indoor poor air quality. Moreover, pets can contaminate indoor air quality too, as, in winter season, they expand comparatively much time inside the home. Through dander and shedding, air quality can be affected, especially those who are suffering from allergies.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter

As Poor indoor air quality is a typical phenomenon in winter season, it is better to perceive How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter. By executing some simple but effective stuff, we can keep our indoor air strain during the winter season. So, without any further fuss, let’s get started.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter

1. Keep Your House Clean

According to Dr. BuSaba, “ A clean house is a healthier house because indoor hygiene can immensely destroy dust and dander.” In winter, always try to keep your house neat & tidy especially focus on cleaning dust, dander, and mold. Try to use a vacuum cleaner while cleaning dust from the carpet or surfaces. You  can use non-toxic cleaning products. Cleaning dust that is blowing into the air a bit harder. In that case, you can use a Vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

2. Clean Duct

Duct means canal or culvert in a building that should be checked. Because debris and dirt puff up in the duct that can be spread into the air with the breeze. Thus, it can bring an allergen problem for those who hold the disease. That’s why it is elementary to inspect and clean the duct.

3. Check to the Air Filter Constantly

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-condition) plays a crucial role in keeping indoor quality fresh. Though they do a great job, they should be monitored, particularly in winter season.  As the heating unit runs constantly, it can be covered up with an extensive level of dirt.

Check to the Air Filter Constantly

Keep in mind that dirty air filters prominent contributor to poor indoor air quality.  That’s why it is necessary to check the filters on a regular basis and alter them if needed. Besides, when you installed the filter, make sure that it has been secured tightly and there are no gaps between the filter and rack.

4. Upgrade Filters

If it is possible, then try to change the filter with a higher MERV. To know whether it is possible or not, consult with an HVAC contractor. A quality filter has  much more capability to capture fine particles that are harmful to health, especially for those who are coming down with Asthma.

5. Control Other Sources

Controlling other sources that are the causes of indoor air pollution can reduce the indoor  air quality. Gas outflows from the slumping equipment can be diminished with proper looking after. Sticking down or enclosing flame-retardant is critical. In that situation,  lowering Air Pollution’s source is far better than enhancing ventilation, which can upturn energy costs.

6. Run Up Ventilation

A definite way to diminish poor indoor air is to bring clean air into circulation. The manifestation of poor Ventilation indicates digestion on the wall,  muggy air, moldy area, and sudden odor, especially when you enter your house from outside. If you confront these types of problems, increase the ventilation and get relief from this troublesome situation.

7. Use an Air Purifier

It is contemplated as one of the prominent ways to cleanse the air in winter. You can use Air Purifier to Remove Odors and purge pollutant air in certain moments. It relies on the level of air pollution of your indoor. Remember that there are several types of air purifiers, like a couple of purifiers that can only purify the air that has been contaminated due to some particles. You should avoid purchasing these types of purifiers. You have to buy one that can diminish all kinds of particles and purify air abruptly.

8. Add Humidity

Adding humidity can decrease the level of indoor poor air quality. Humidity means a measure of the water vapor in the air. If the temperature of  your indoor is high, that means air holds more water vapor. You can use a fan-powered humidifier to increase the level of water vapor in the air.

Final Verdict

Indoor air quality usually becomes poor in winter that brings various health problems like asthma, allergens, and many more. In that case, it is elementary to keep the air purified. In the above, we have conferred How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter. The procedures, as we illustrated earlier, can be executed to make your indoor air quality refined.

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