How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In Room – 3 Ways

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Ferrets are naturally calm, curious, friendly, and intelligent, and these behaviors make them more popular than other pets. Well, if you’re also a ferret lover and have a ferret, you are probably dealing with ferret odor issues.

Ferrets are smelly pets, and they have a  musky smell that many ferret owners adapt after a certain period of time. However, if you don’t like the stinky business of your furry friend, then you can easily eliminate the ferret odor.

Wondering How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In Room efficiently? Clean the cage, bathe the ferret, give it healthy food to get rid of the ferret odor in your living space. Learn more about eliminating ferret odor effortlessly throughout this article.

Do Ferrets Stink Up Your Room?

If you’re wondering if ferrets stink up your room or not, then YES. Ferret is a small and smelly pet that has a unique smell that can be quite powerful sometimes. Moreover, a ferret is also known as a stinky creature, and they can provide bad odor because of several reasons, including-

Do Ferrets Stink Up Your Room

  • Anal Gland Secretions: All ferrets have a pair of anal glands that produce a strong odor to attract mates or to mark their territory.
  • Scent Glands in Skin: Ferrets also have scent glands in their skin, and the scent glands are also well-known for strong-smelling glands. And scent glands in the skin are responsible for providing a musky smell.
  • Dirty Ears: Dirty ears are also another reason that your ferret is providing odor. Although most pet owners clean their ferrets regularly, most of them ignore the ears.
  • Dirty Living Space: Not maintaining the cleaning of the living space of your ferret can promote ferret odor. Since ferrets poop frequently, the living space requires frequent cleaning.

Despite the regular cleaning and maintenance, your ferret can still produce a stink in your room. And in that case, using an air purifier to get rid of ferret smell in room can be the best solution.

Since air purifiers remove and absorb all types of odors, they will also eliminate ferret odor from your living space. Along with removing ferret odor, an air purifier will also provide clean air as well.

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In Room?

Although many people find it difficult to remove the ferret odor from their room, it is actually not that difficult. You and anyone can easily get rid of the ferret odor in the room by following some appropriate solutions. We’ve included some of the effective solutions, have a look-

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In Room

1. Keep the Ferret Clean

As a pet owner, you must know every pet needs to be given a proper clean after a certain period. The same goes for ferrets, and since they are smelly pets, they need attention when it comes to cleaning. Here is how you can keep your ferret clean:

Bathe Your Ferret

Bathing your ferret will help reduce the smell of the ferret and maintain your pet’s health. You need to apply appropriate techniques and use the right material for bathing your ferret. Here are the things you need to remember while breathing your ferret-

  • Use a tub and pour lukewarm water to keep your ferret safe from cold issues.
  • Always use a ferret-specific shampoo, which will be toxic-free. And never use human soap or shampoo.
  • Never bathe your ferret frequently; otherwise, it will promote more oil production and cause more odor.

If you’re wondering how often you should bathe your ferret, then try to give it a bath once a month. Watch this video for more assistance on bathing your ferret-

Clean Your Ferret’s Ears

Alongside bathing your ferret, another essential thing you have to do is clean your ferret’s ears. However, you can not simply clean your pet’s ears as the wrong technique can damage its eardrum. Wondering what things or ingredients you should use to clean your ferret’s ears? Have a look at the below section:

  • Always try to use a special ferret ear cleaner solution that you’ll find in any pet store.
  • Never use any other tool rather than a q-tip to clean the ferret’s ears.

Try to clean your ferret’s ears after giving them bathing, and it will be enough to clean your ferret’s ears every week. Simply dip the q-tip into the ear cleaning solution and gently clean the ferret’s ear.

Brush Your Ferret’s Teeth

Brushing your ferret’s teeth is another good thing you can do to get rid of the ferret odor. All you have to do is use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste designed for pets, especially cats.

Firmly hold your ferret and gently brush his or her teeth in a circular motion. Cleaning your ferret ears once a week will suffice. However, if you’re not sure about cleaning your ferret’s teeth, then you can take help from a professional.

2. Keep the Environment Clean

Keeping your ferret is not enough to get rid of the ferret odor from your room. Alongside keeping your pet clean, you also have to keep the environment clean. Want to know how to maintain a clean environment of your ferret’s living area? Follow the below-provided guidance for reliable tips-

Train Your Ferret to Use the Litter Box

Since ferrets poop and pee a lot, it’s essential to ensure that they are using the right place. Check where your ferret goes for poop and pee, and place the case or litter box in that place.

Always put the litter box in the same place, and if the ferret refuses to use the box, you can apply different types of plant fiber. Once the ferret starts popping in the box, then the ferret odor will automatically decrease.

Clean the Litter Box

Cleaning the litter box every day is essential, and you have to make it a habit if you have a ferret as a pet. You cannot just let your ferrets poop and pee stay for weeks in the litter box as it’ll cause an unbearable atmosphere in your room. Use a scoop to pick up dirty granules and other elements from your ferret box.

Clean the Ferret’s Cage

Like the litter box, the cage does not require daily cleaning, and you can clean the cage once a month. All you have to do is remove all the items, including the litter box from the cage. After removing all the removable items, scrub the cage with a rag or a brush.

Moreover, for more deep cleaning, try to give the cage and other items a  water wash. Simply wash the cage and other items with detergent and water, which will give a spotless atmosphere.

Wash Your Ferret’s Bedding

Almost all ferrets love to sleep in a sack or hammock, and not washing them can be a reason to get ferret odor. Since ferrets have natural oils, the more often they spend in their bedding, the more oils will go into that bedding.

Their body oil will cause a smelly environment which can be reduced by cleaning and washing the bedding. Use hot water and unscented detergent to wash the ferret’s bedding. Wash the bedding at least once or twice a week.

Vacuum Your Home

Vacuuming your home once a week is a must to get rid of ferret odor if you have a ferret in your home. It’s essential because when the ferret plays around, it’ll leave its body oils in the furnishings of your home.

As long as the oil stays in your household items, the oils will create a more strong musky scent in your room. So try to give your room a dusting or vacuuming once a week to eliminate ferret odor.

3. Provide Healthy Diet

Ferret food can also contribute to producing odor which can be reduced by ensuring a healthy diet. Try to feed your ferret food that has high protein, like chicken. And also, strictly avoid foods that contain high fat, fruits, grains, and vegetables.

Provide Healthy Diet

You also need to avoid food that has corn or sugar products and fish as well. If you’re still struggling with selecting a perfect and healthy food for your ferret, follow the below steps for guidance:

  • Since ferrets need a lot of protein, choosing food with at least 30–40% of protein is essential. The source of protein should be meat, and it can be chicken.
  • Fat is another essential ingredient that should be included in your ferret’s food. Your ferret food should have 18-25% of fat, and the fat source should be animal.
  • When it’s about food for ferrets, then fiber needs to be avoided. However, 3% or less fiber can be included in ferrets’ food.
  • Be careful about including ash in your ferret’s food, and you should consist of 7% or less ash in the ferret’s food.
  • And the last thing you have to consider while getting healthy food for your ferret is the moisture level. You should moisten the food 10% less, which will be good for young and older ferrets.

Whenever you purchase food for your ferret, always check the above-listed ingredients. Always give your ferret the perfect amount of food, and be sure your pet has water available.

How Do You Get Rid Of Ferret Smell From Your Body And Hands?

Alongside removing the ferret’s odor from your home, it is also essential to know how to remove the odor from your body. Although many will give you different solutions to get rid of ferret odor, the best solution would be to wash your hands and body.

Try to wash your body and hands with warm water and soap, and it would be better to use a strong-scented soap. You should use warm water because it causes molecules to move faster. On the other hand, you should use a strong-scented soap because the strong scent will easily cover the ferret’s musk scent.

Final Words

Although ferrets are cute little pets that pet lovers love, many pet lovers find them unpleasant because of their odor. It’s common to find the ferret odor unpleasant because the ferret can provide a strong odor in the entire room. However, if you also have a ferret as a pet, you can keep your home stinking up in many different ways.

We’ve discussed how to get rid of ferret odor in room, to keep your room clean, fresh, and odor-free. We have included some of the most effective and easy solutions to get rid of ferret smells in your home, so simply follow them. Moreover, using an air purifier to eliminate odor can also be the best solution.

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