How to Get Rid of Body Odor in a Room?

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Body odor is the last thing we need to endure. But your room tends to absorb the nasty smell quickly. So you have to face an embarrassing situation in front of your family and friends. Having a bad smell especially a body odor in the room really frustrating. Because it is the one place where we want to spend some special time with ourselves or with our partners.

If the room doesn’t give you that relaxing feeling then what is the use of having a room. So, how to get rid of body odor in a room? In this article, we will help you to find out the cause and get rid of that cause once and for all to keep the room smell fresh.

Why Is There a Weird Smell in My House?

No matter how you want to keep your room clean and fresh, the unpleasant odors keep coming back. There are many causes for the weird smell in your room and house. You may find it difficult at first but if you look upon the common causes of smell then you will find out the cause in no time.

Why Is There a Weird Smell in My House

Dirty Clothes:

The dirty laundry is the main cause of creating odor in the house as bacteria grows here. It is the sweat that invites the bacteria. So when your sweat gets captured in your curtains, bedsheets, and carpets then the room gets the sour smell of acidic substance.


Insect, dead skin, pet hair, etc. creates dirt in the room. This dirt gradually makes your room filthy and smelly. You will not believe how small things can cause so much dust in the room.


You can’t imagine how leftover foods can create a bad smell. Even you have cleaned the area the old stains don’t let the smell go away.

Room Without Ventilation:

If your room has no proper ventilation then your room will stay stinky forever. Your dirty clothes, used socks, dust, tobacco will create an unhygienic odor in the room.

Pets Poops and Urines:

Sometimes your pet will feel like to urinate or poop in your room for no reason. If you don’t clean it properly right away then you have to leave the room for the smell they cause.

How to Get Rid of Body Odor in a Room?

After knowing the reasons for the smell in your room you have to follow some simple steps to eliminate the odor especially the body odor. Remember you have to do these steps every day to keep your room fresh and clean.

How to Get Rid of Body Odor in a Room?

Use a Few Blankets:

Try not to use many blankets or sheets while sleeping especially in warm weather. By using fewer blankets you will not sweat overnight. You will stay fresh in the morning.

Keep the Windows Open:

When you are up in the morning, open the window to let the air and any types of odor to go out. Some think that the room air is better than the outside air. But the fresh air frees the stagnant air that traps all types of odor.

Wash or Dry Clean Your Belongings:

Keep your sheets, pillow covers, and curtains clean by washing or dry cleaning them often. If possible make this practice one day after using. By this, your sweat will not linger on them longer.

Take a Shower:

Before going to bed at night, take a warm bath. You will feel fresh and the sweating will get reduced. You can take shower any time if you need. Taking shower will not do any harm instead it will keep your mind and body fresh.

Use DIY Solutions:

If you cannot clean the sheets or curtains often then spray baking soda and vinegar solutions on them. These solutions prevent the odor to spread in the room. After using them do consider washing them at least once a week as the solutions may not stay strong longer to prevent the odors to come out.

Maintain Personal Hygiene:

Sweating is not a wrong thing. It is normal for a human body system. But the bad smell is the one that creates a problem and embarrassing situation. Bacteria is the main culprit to causes an odor in your sweat. You can prevent the smelling by following some tips:

Maintain Personal Hygiene

  1. Try to take a bath every single day.
  2. Use an antibacterial soap while taking a bath.
  3. Don’t use anybody’s odor, go for the deodorants or antiperspirants.
  4. Change your food habit. Avoid caffeine, garlic, and onion in your food.
  5. Choose breathable materials like cotton, wool, and silk to wear. These materials prevent sweat to build up bacteria. Even choose these types of fabrics for your socks and undergarments too.
  6. Wash your every belonging properly. If you don’t do this properly the odor will stay there and it will cause more harm

Take an Air Purifier:

Lastly, invest in an air purifier that comes with a carbon pre-filter. It works well in keeping the air fresh. You will get many options. Pick the one that will work for your room.


To keep your room odor-free and fresh you have to know how to get rid of body odor in a room. At first, know the reason and find out the source in your sheets, pillow covers, curtains. To keep your room air fresh and healthy, keep yourself and your belongings clean and fresh. It is for your own good because the bad odor will make you sick gradually. Maintain the cleaning process regularly and stay healthy for upcoming long years.

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