How To Get Grease Smell Out Of House?

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Who doesn’t love cooking? Every foodie loves to do some experiments with cooking and ends up inventing different foods. But the problem starts when you still get the greasy smell even 2 days later. The smell seems to stay forever no matter how you clean your kitchen often.

The grease smell creates an unpleasant environment in your kitchen and house.  So how to get grease smell out of house? Let’s find out the ways to get rid of this unhealthy and unpleasant odor from the house for once and for all through this article.

How To Get Grease Smell Out Of House?

The grease smell tends to stay attached on different surfaces. Whenever you cook those delicious juicy fried chicken and fish, your house will smell like a bus stop for the next seven days. Then should we stop making deep-fried food in the house? Well, no, we can easily solve the smelling problem with ease. Below you will find the easiest solution of getting grease smell out of the house.

How To Get Grease Smell Out Of House

Keep Your House Ventilated:

When you are ready for cooking at first open all the windows and start the fans to get room air out. If you have hood ventilation, then start it on. In the summertime turn on the air conditioner

Keep the Room Door Closed:

Don’t let the food smell spread in the house. When you are going to the kitchen, remember to close all the doors of the bedrooms, living room, and bathrooms. Or else the smell will haunt you even in dreams.

Get a Hood Fan:

Get a kitchen hood with an exhaust fan and install it on the cooktop and stove. It will help to remove all the grease from the air. By this, your environment will stay odor-free.

Make Sure to Clean Immediately After Cooking:

Immediately clean all the pots and pans, sink and stove after finishing cooking. Though you may have less energy after doing all the cooking, it is for your own good. Just invest little energy in cleaning, or else the smell will make your work double for the rest of the weeks.

Look for the Smelling Source:

Even after cleaning if the smell still stays there, then you have to find out the source. Sometimes the grease smell can stay in the mitts and towels because it gets absorbed. After cleaning the kitchen, wash all the clothes of the kitchen with hot water. Get rid of the kitchen trash that comes with napkins and paper towels that contains oil.

Make a Kitchen Deodorizer:

If all the cleaning and trashing doesn’t work then take a saucepan with water and vinegar 1:4 and boil it for 15 minutes. This water solution absorbs all the smell. Whenever you are cooking with oil, use this water solution to get rid of the grease odor from the house.

Make a Kitchen Deodorizer

You can also spray this solution on the materials of your kitchen and in the air. After spraying, wipe the water with a microfiber cloth or a foam sponge. You can use the water solution on your cabinets and countertops also. Use it until the smell is totally gone.

Use baking soda as it also works as an absorbent.  Place the baking soda in the kitchen and let it sit. Your kitchen will smell good in no time.

You can make an herbal remedy if you don’t like the vinegar smell. Add cinnamon sticks, lemon halves or peels, bay leaves, vanilla extracts, fresh rosemary, different essential oils like chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus. Let the water boil for 30 minutes and trust me, your full house will smell so good and appealing that it will refresh your mind.

Leave Some Smell Absorber in the Kitchen:

If you are too tired to clean the kitchen immediately, leave the coffee ground, vinegar, and baking soda overnight. Your house will not smell and you can clean your kitchen in the morning without any problem.

Bake Some Cookies:

To get rid of the smell instantly if you are waiting for your guests then bake some cookies in the oven. The fresh baking smell will cover the greasy smell.

Keep a Lighting Candle While Cooking:

Use a candle in your kitchen when you are cooking in the kitchen. The candle will absorb all the smells, especially the oily smells. A scented candle will work better.

Use Air Purifiers:

Invest in air purifiers and it will work for you to get rid of all the odors from the house instantly.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Grease Smell?

Yes, it works amazingly to remove all the oily smell from the house. When you have one purifier in your house, you can often cook and fry whatever you want without any worries.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Grease Smell

How is it possible? Well, it comes with charcoal filters, which are also known as activated carbon. You will find them in the filter system. The carbon captivates all the smells from the room.

Pick the air purifier that comes with the filter that works to get rid of the smells. You will get a HEPA filter as an option, but they don’t work as the carbon ones.

If your house still comes with smell even after using an air filter, then your house will need a deep cleaning. Because the walls, ceilings, furniture, and rugs have already absorbed the oily substances.

Final words

For a cooking lover, it is impossible to avoid different cooking, especially frying. Even the house with frequent cooking tasks comes with a smelling problem. This smelling issue creates a problem for house owners and guests also. The environment gets unhygienic and you will feel embarrassed in front of the guests.

As you have read this article about how to get grease smell out of house, then I think you are already looking for a new frying recipe for your loved ones to surprise them. Yes, now you know how to keep your house smell good and healthy even if you are cooking a lot.

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