How To Fix honeywell air purifier wont turn on [Step-by-step instructions]

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Did you know that indoor air can be polluted 2 to 5 times more than outdoor air? Cooking odors, VOCs, dust, cigarette smoke and dust mite debris play the roles here. These all things are good enough to trigger respiratory disease. Therefore, you have to keep the indoor atmosphere fresh and clean.

When it comes to  making the indoor air clean and fresh, nothing can be more effective than an air purifier. Quality air purifiers like Honeywell will help to improve indoor air quality and reduce air pollution. However, sometimes the most reliable electric machine can go through several common problems like a honeywell air purifier wont turn on issue. If you’re currently confronting the issue, simply follow this context to get a reliable guide.

Possible Reason Of Honeywell Air Purifier Wont Turn On

Your honeywell air purifiers won’t turn for several reasons. However, by addressing those reasons you can turn on the air purifier and also reduce the damage as well. To find out the most common reasons behind this, check below.

Honeywell Air Purifier

  • When you try to turn on your Honeywell Air Purifier, and it refuses to turn on, it may be because of the air filter power button. Double-check if you turn on the power button or not.
  • If the power button is turned on and the air purifier still refuses to turn on, it can happen because of an issue with the power cord. Check the power cord and circuit breaker and replace the source if necessary.
  • If the filters of the air purifier are clogged, then you will definitely face issues with your purifier. Clogged filter is one of the reasons why the puffer is not turning on.
  • Another common reason behind your honeywell air purifier refusing to turn on is overheating. If the air purifier gets too hot, it will go into safe mode.
  • Because of manufacturing defects, your Honeywell air purifier may refuse to start. In that case, a warranty card will help you to fix this issue.
  • Another most common reason behind your honeywell air purifier not turning on after switching it on is because it is old. If the air purifier is old, then replacing it would be the better option.

How To Fix honeywell air purifier wont turn on

If your honeywell air purifier won’t turn on, then follow the below steps to fix this irritating issue. Here we have included the easiest and reliable ways to deal the issue.

Fix honeywell air purifier

Step – 1   First, turn off the air purifier and unplug it from the power unit.

Step – 2 Now look for the plastic locking mechanism, basically, you will find it by turning the purifier around.

Step – 3  Twist the locking mechanism to pull off the mechanism from the purifier. Simply take off the both circular HEPA filter and black carbon pre-filter.

Step – 4   Now pull out the CPZ filter and wipe the inside chamber of the purifier through soft clothes. Make sure you clean out all the residue or remaining dirt.

Step – 5   Simply wrap the replacement carbon pre-filter around the replacement HEPA filter. To lock the filters and keep them in place, Snap the two fasteners together at the end of the carbon pre-filter

Step – 6   Place the CPZ filter inside the air purifier. After that, place both HPA filter and  carbon pre-filter in the CPZ filter’s front position.

Step – 7   Now you need to tidy up the plastic locking mechanism and lock the place. Once you are done, now turn on the air purifier and check if it is working or not.

Do air purifiers need maintenance

Maintenance is mandatory not only for an air purifier but for almost everything we use in our regular life also. Hence,   proper maintenance will boost the lifespan of an air purifier, and you can follow below for reliable maintenance tips.

air purifiers need maintenance

  • Always try to keep the room clean where you put your air purifier. You have to make sure the area around your air purifier is net and clean.
  • Before unplugging, don’t forget to turn off the machine. Because it can run potential incidents.
  • Always check the filter indicator and wash every the pre – filter frequently.
  • Place your purifier in an open place and never place anything on the top of it.
  • Try to vacuum the exterior grills and panels to prevent dust buildup. Vacuum the areas or simply use dry cleaning cloth to get rid of dust buildup.
  • Check your permanent filter every two weeks and clean them every three months.

When should I replace my air purifier?

Tips and tricks we share above are the initial treatment for your Air purifier if it stops working. But if things get more Complex and go beyond these DIY attempts then you have to either repair it by experts or replace it with a new one. However, honeywell offers a durable and high-quality air purifier, so it should work fine for at least two to three years.

By changing its filters every three or six months, you can hope for optimal performance for a long time. On the other hand, if the repair cost is too high, then replacing it would be the better option. This is because once you repair any part of your purifier you are likely to have problems with that part again.


Since we spend most of our time in the home, it’s essential to keep the indoor atmosphere fresh and pollution-free. An air purifier will also help to eliminate airborne pollutants, and keep you and your family safe. However, to remove air pollutants reliably, you must use a quality air purifier like a honeywell air purifier.

Its filtration technology will ensure proper and accurate fresh and pollution-free air. Though sometimes you may face issues like your honeywell air purifier wont turn on, and it is a common issue of honeywell air purifiers. Since you know how to fix common issues like this, you can fix the issue by yourself. If you are still not sure about troubleshooting honeywell air purifier start-up issues, then consulting an expert would be a great option.

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