How To Clean Air Purifier Filters Honeywell?

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Air purifiers are a type of thing that requires constant maintenance. If you do not maintain them properly, they will get dirty and smell nasty. When we fail to maintain the purifiers properly, it fails the purpose of having an air purifier in the very first place. So, how to air purifier filter Honeywell?  You can do multiple things, like vacuuming, washing, or replacing the filters.      

Honeywell air purifiers are one of the best-rated air purifiers currently. The purifiers tend to consume a massive amount of dirt or impurities from the air, which can be harmful to your home space. If you believe in breathing healthy, you should regularly check the purifier.

How To Clean Air Purifier Filter Honeywell

How To Clean Air Purifier Filters

The first and the foremost thing about cleaning your Honeywell filter is knowing when to clean them and how often to clean them.

Before you move further, you must know that Honeywell Air purifiers are usually built with three types of filers. They are- Washable pre-filters, Activated Carbon Filters, and permanent HEPA filters. You must keep in mind that different filters have different requirements. Their life expectancy can vary.

You must know that you are often using the air purifier. You must also think about the area you live in and the kind of water you are using to wash your filters.

Here is a list of things you can do to keep your pre-filter clean:

  • Try and remove air from behind the top cover.
  • Shake the air filter softly. This is to remove all the visible dust or dirt.
  • Be sure to do the previous step outside your house.
  • Make sure that your pre-filter isn’t worn.
  • If it is worn, it’s time to get a new filter.
  • If it is not worn, wash the pre-filter.
  • Be sure to use lukewarm tap water.
  • Then lay out the filter to dry out.
  • Make sure that your pre-filter is completely dry before putting it back.

Now Let’s talk about how you can clean the Filters of the Honeywell air purifier:

Vacuum the Exterior:

As you know that we are to keep air purifiers on constant maintenance. You can vacuum the exterior of the purifier daily. Or you can use a damp cloth to clean the exterior. By doing this, you are making sure that the purifier does not release extra dirt.

Vacuum the interior:

 Besides the usage of soap and water, you can try vacuuming. All you need to do is detach the filter from the purifier. Then shrug off the dirt and vacuum it. After a few minutes of vacuuming, you’ll notice that the colour of the filter has changed. Once you feel like it’s clean enough, it’s good to go back into the purifier.

Wash the filters:

Washing your air purifier’s filters is very important if you want to use it for a long time. It would be best if you cleaned the filters once in a few months. Take out your pre-filters and filters carefully. Then shake or shrug off the excess dirt on them. This will remove most of the dirt. If you still see dust or dirt slowly submerge them into lukewarm and gently rub them. Once you are done washing them, you can hang them outside your house. Be sure that your filters are completely dry before you put them in.

Replace the filters:

This is something you need to do when nothing works. You’ll notice no change at all no matter how much you try. Consider it as a sign that it is high time to change your filters. Check the manual to change the filters without any mistakes. Make sure that you are placing them correctly and in the right position.

Air Purifier clean

Here are a few steps you can follow while replacing the filters:

  • Remove the air from the filter
  • Check if the filter is completely worn
  • If the filter is completely worn then get an identical filter
  • You can go to the Honeywell website and order one
  • Place the new one into the machine carefully in the grill
  • Be sure to smooth out the creases
  • Then close the grill firmly
  • Then run a test to make sure everything is fine.

How Do I Reset My Honeywell Air Purifier Filter

Reset Air Purifier Filter

A lot of respiratory diseases are caused when you breathe polluted air. Polluted air pollutants tend to trigger illnesses like asthma. So it is a need for us to keep our air as clean as possible.

When you have replaced your filter, you need to reset your Honeywell air purifier.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to reset your air purifier:

  • The first thing you need to do is unplug the air purifier before opening the machine.
  • Then unscrew the cap of the purifier
  • Remove the filter cover from the case of the purifier.
  • Replace the filter and secure the cover on the base of your purifier
  • Reset the filter indicator by pressing the ‘filter monitor’ until the button shuts off.
  • That’s it you’re ready to go. Now you have the air purifier as before.


Many of us suffer from various respiratory illnesses, such as asthma or bronchitis. Air purifiers help us breathe better quality air. Now that you know how to clean air purifier filter Honeywell,  you must be sure to take care of it. When we use something, we must be sure about taking care of it.

We tend to use air purifiers daily. So we must clean or wash them properly. Everything requires care and maintenance. If you maintain the purifiers properly, it will last up to 2-3 years. Just follow the above-written steps. This will help in increasing the life expectancy of your air purifier. Hope you have found this all the information that you needed.

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