How Often to Change Honeywell Air Purifier Filter?

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In the modern city, air pollution is a great problem. Most of our air is contaminated. Here we will discuss on Honeywell air purifier filter that keeps your air nice and clean. It filters out bacteria, viruses, odor, dust, pet fur, and toxic chemicals from the air.

If you have dust allergies or have pets in your house, you must try a Honeywell Air Purifier to improve your indoor air quality. Before purchasing yours, you have to know how often to change honeywell air purifier filter. You have to replace your Hepa filter and Pre-filter after a certain time so that it can work well. In this article, I will describe for you how you can change your Honeywell air purifier filter and how often you have to change it.            

How Do I Know When to Change the Filter?

When to Change the Air purifier Filter

You have to visually notice your air purifier filter and if it’s looking dirty now it’s time to change your filter. You must have to change your air purifier filter when the light appears. When you see specks of dust near its air vents, there is no doubt that it is time to replace your filter.  Sometimes you may find that warm air is coming out from the back of the unit. Besides, your air filter is not producing cool air as it generally does. Then, you have to change your filter.

If your home’s electricity bill goes up, your dirty air filter purifiers may be responsible for this. When your air purifier makes noise and it produces less air as output ;replace the filter. If your allergy problem suddenly increases, you need to understand that your filter is dirty and needs to be replaced now. So, don’t delay changing your air filter for the well-being of your health. 

How Often to Change Honeywell Air Purifier Filter

Change Honeywell Air Purifier Filter

Changing your Honeywell air purifier is a simple process. You don’t need to bother too much while replacing it. I recommend changing your pre-filter every two to three months and you should change your HEPA filter every ten months.

Maximum Honeywell Air Purifiers include a “Filter Check/Reset”. This indicator will notify you when it is time to renovate your filter. As its carbon filter lingers for three to five months, you have to change it frequently.

How to Change Honeywell Air Purifier Filter

How to Change Honeywell Air Purifier Filter

Here I will try to describe how to change honeywell air purifier filter step by step. Just follow the following instructions to replace yours.

Step 1: Turn off your device

First of all, turn off your air purifier filter and unplug it. You should disconnect the power source before changing your pre-filter or HEPA filter, specifically you have to turn this off if the fireplace is going.

Step 2: Remove the front cover

Press the two hand symbols on the front framework and release the front cover from the unit. Now clean the front cover with a piece of fabric or anything you feel comfortable with. There may be so much dust on it.

Step 3: Remove the previous  pre-filter

It’s time to remove the dirty pre-filter. If you find the pre-filter covered with filth, then you have to replace it.

Step 4: Remove the old HEPA filter

Now, release the old HEPA filter out from your device.

You need this step only when you have to change your HEPA filter after 10 months or 1 year. But, if you have just to change the pre-filter you don’t need to remove the old HEPA filter.

Step 5: Replace a New HEPA Filter

For this step, firstly you have to purchase a Honeywell HEPA Filter from the market. If your HEPA filter turns gray from white, it’s time to replace it. Next, unpack the new HEPA filter from the plastic wrap. Place those HEPA filters into the device. Follow the airflow level on the HEPA filter making sure arrows are indicating towards the air purifier. Push the HEPA filter all the way in and place it into the air filter correctly.

Step 6: Size your new pre-filter

Get a new pre-filter. You may have to cut your new carbon pre-filter according to the size of the unit. Simply cut it with a scissor.

Step 7: Fit the carbon pre-filter

Now take the new carbon pre-filter and tuck the edges of the pre-filter into the tab.

Step 8: Attach the front grill

At this step, attach the front cover properly to the air purifier.

Step 9: Reset your device and enjoy

You have to reset your device if you change the HEPA filter or pre-filter. You can find the reset button on the top of the panel. If you change the carbon pre-filter, you have to press and hold the “CHECK PRE-FILTER” for five seconds until the light turns on. After changing the HEPA filter, press and hold the  “CHECK FILTER” for three to five seconds until the light turns off. The electronic filter check is now reset. Plugin and turn the power source on. Now, your air purifier is ready to provide you pure air.

Final Thoughts

Changing your air purifier filters is not laborious or expensive. When your filter becomes dirty, you have to change the filter so contaminants can’t block the pores in the filter. You only have to know to change properly. Besides, you need to have the correct knowledge of how often to change honeywell air purifier. 

However, changing filters is a not complicated process so you can change your filter just by reading this article without any visual experience. You shouldn’t wash your HEPA filter with water, as it may ruin your device. If you can’t remember when you changed your filter last time, buy a new pre-filter and HEPA filter without delay. Then your filter can function properly and the air around you will become purer.

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