How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use? [2022]

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Using air purifiers in every house is a must for keeping the home air surface fresh and pure. Air purifiers remove all types of pollutants, odor, germs, dust, and allergens and make us breathe fresh. People who have asthma or allergic issues find air purifiers much beneficial.

With all these benefits, most people do concern about the electricity that air purifiers use. As most of the time, an air purifier runs 24/7, many people think that it consumes huge electricity. Thus, we are going to show you how much electricity does an air purifier use.

How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use?

One of the major questions that most people wonder is how much electricity does an air purifier use? To clear all doubts, we will show you the facts that determine the air purifier’s electricity usage.

How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use

Type of Air Purifier Technology

The technology of air purifiers refers to the system that air purifiers use to clean the air. Ordinary air purifiers use air filters to purify the air. Some clean the air by producing chemicals or ions. The air purifier for pets uses filters for killing particles, pet hair, and pet danders. Different purifiers consume different amounts of electricity.

An air purifier that uses filters to purify the surface needs more energy.  This type of purifier requires more effort to pass the air through the filter. UV-based purifiers come with UV lights, so it is evident that it will consume more electricity. Some purifiers use multiple cleaning technologies at a time. So, they consume more electricity than a single cleaning based air purifier.

Running Speed and Environment:

Running Speed is determined by the speed of releasing the air into the house. The faster an air purifier can pull and release the air, the more energy it will consume. When the purifier speed is set at a high level, it will use more electricity.

Some air purifiers can automatically switch the speed setting as per the level of pollutants. Another thing is, with open doors and windows it consumes more energy. The main thing is, if the environment is more polluted, the air purifier will work for a longer time. Thus, more energy will be seized.

Fan Size and Area Coverage Capacity:

With the bigger fan, an air purifier needs more energy to spin it. It is natural that it will consume high energy for spinning the bigger fan. Another thing is the area coverage capacity that will determine the uses of electricity. The larger area an air purifier can cover, the more energy it will need.

Watt Rating:

You can easily determine the amount that a purifier can consume by seeing the air purifier’s watt rating. For example, if your air purifier comes with 300 W, then it will use 300W energy per hour. If you see that the purifier consumes more power than its watt rating, then it could be faulty.

How to Calculate Your Air Purifier’s Electricity Usage?

Energy companies typically charge based on the per hour kW used per month. As an example, Your air purifier consumes 100W per hour. So, to increase the bill by 1 kW unit, you should run it for 10 hours. Most purifiers use 50-100 watts per hour, depending on the airflow.

How to Calculate Your Air Purifier’s Electricity Usage

The electricity bill will be around $3-5 for a month with a half-day of daily operation. To know the numbers for 24 hours, just multiply the numbers by 2. After that, you will find that the cost is $6-10 a month. Now we will show you how to calculate your air purifier’s electricity usage. So, the process is-

Total kW Usage Per Day = (Energy Consumption (air purifier per hour watts) × used hours unit) ÷ 1000

Total Daily Electricity Cost = Total Air Purifier kW Usage Per Day × Electricity Cost (dollars or cents Per kWh)

Total Annual Electricity Cost = Total Air Purifier kW Usage Per Day × Electricity Cost (dollars or cents Per kWh) × 365 Days

The cost may vary for different countries. Also, many people don’t use the purifier for 24 hours. Therefore, the consumption of electricity may also differ. Depending on fan speed, energy efficiency, speed of each purifier, the electricity consumption rate will vary.

How to Choose an Energy Efficient Air Purifier?

With an energy-efficient air purifier, you can enjoy a fresh and clean environment with a fair electricity bill. You can go for the energy star certified air purifier. They are 40% more efficient than other purifiers. This product can save up to 225kW per hour. On the other side, an average purifier uses about 550kW per hour in a year.

How to Choose an Energy Efficient Air Purifier

Energy star air purifiers come in different categories.

  • Fan with filter.
  • Fan with filter and electrostatic plates
  • Fan filter with an ion generator.
  • Ion generator
  • Hybrid

It would be better to minimize the electricity bill if you consider some features. Like, the auto-sleep mode can reduce power consumption. Also, eco-mode can automatically turn off the fan while it is not in use. Always consider the room size before buying any air purifier.

If it doesn’t cover the whole room, it will use high speed to fulfill the coverage. Keep the windows and doors shut while using the air purifier. This thing will prevent the dust, pollutants, and allergens from entering the room from outside.

Final Thoughts

Air qualities have a direct effect on people’s health and especially on children’s growth. Thus, an air purifier is necessary to clean the air surfaces of your house. But, people hesitate to use air purifiers by thinking about the electricity cost. If you consider other electrical devices, an air purifier costs much less.

Now using the above calculation methods, you can determine How Much Electricity Does an Air Purifier Use? You can use these formulas to find out the energy used by any other electrical device. With the numbers, you can quickly get the per day and per month costs.

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