How Long Does it Take for Air Purifier To Work?

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Air pollution is a common phenomenon worldwide, and it has been increasing since 2016. Every year, around 4.2 million people die due to heart attack, stroke, lung cancer, and those diseases happen because of air pollution. According to WHO, “91% of the world’s population live in places where air quality exceeds WHO guideline limits.”

Using an Air Purifier can reduce the potential effects of Air pollution. In that case, the most common question is, how long does it take for air purifier to work? Usually, an Air Purifier takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to purify air in a room. How long it will take depends on a few things like room size, filter, purification speed, and more.

What the Air Purifier Can Clean?

Air Purifier Clean

Air Purifiers are used to decontaminate air pollution and make sure breathing in the fresh air. The EPA mentions that “Indoor air is two to five times dirtier than outdoor air.” Sometimes indoor air is 100 times dirtier than outdoor, especially in the winter season. In that situation, an Air Purifier can help you stay safe and breathe in clean air.

Air purifiers neutralize air and remove the odor that generates from the burnt foods or mold. Besides, Airborne allergens that are released from pets can be trapped by the Air purifiers. To clean smoke, dust, and airborne bacteria, you will get nothing as an alternative to air purifiers.

How Long Does it Take for the Air Purifier to Work?

How long an Air Purifier takes time to work varies from one house to another, relying on some facts. Under the heading, we’ll illustrate what things affect on the purifying time. So. without further fuss, let’s begin.

1. Room Size

Purifying the air in a large and open living place is entirely different from cleaning the air in a small room. The majority of air purifiers have a limitation depending on the size of a room. If your room size is comparatively small, then it can purify within a given time frame. So if you intend to decontaminate the air of your large room, you have to wait more times.

2. Filters

Air Purifiers Filters

Two types of filters are used in Air Purifier, one of them is a charcoal filter, and the other is chemical-based. According to some users, Charcoal filters can purify air faster than chemical-based filters. If your air purifiers possess multiple filters, they can sterilize different types of pollutants.

3. Air Purification Speed

If you would like to decontaminate air with a low level of speed, like at speed two, it will take nearly 5 hours. In contrast, if you run your Air Purifier at speed 5 then, 1 hour will be grabbed or slightly more. Remember that it can vary bounding up with pollution in the air.

4. Level of Air Pollution

Depending on how contaminated the air is, it may grab a whole day or a couple of minutes to clarify air. This leans on the variety of air pollution & the proportions of the fine particles in the air. For example, if there is a heft smoke, it will snap up to refined more time than perfume smell.

5. Placement Of the Air Purifier

The placement of Air purifiers plays a significant role in the time of air neutralizing. Always locate the Air Purifier at the odor’s sources, and you’ll notice that it purifies air faster. For instance, if you need to decontaminate food odors, place the Air Purifier near the stove.

Test Your Air Purifier’s Airflow

Air Purifiers Airflow

How to tell if air purifier is working or not? To ensure the thing, check your Air purifier’s airflow. Every Air Purifier holds a fan that generates the air inside the room. If the adjusted fan blows easily, it Indicates your air purifier is functioning satisfactorily. This is informed as an elementary scheme to check the air flows.

Air Purifier includes the fan relying on the contaminates. When air pollutants linger a bunch in the air, the fan automatically blows harder. As we mentioned earlier, a purifier works depending on the principal mechanism that filters the hazardous pollutant and produces fresh air. This is considered another path to measure purifying conditions.

The fan will never be working inside hard, pulling in and blowing out the air. Consequently, we’ll notice no noise while the fan is blowing. However, if the fan makes noise and sounds loud, that means your fan is not working correctly at all. So, to confirm, your air purifier is still working well, make sure that it makes no sound and blows smoothly.

How Long Does it Take for Air Purifier To Work?

How Long Does it Take for Air Purifier To Work? 1

The majority of people don’t know when to use an Air purifier. We have pointed up some of the signs that will remind you when you need an Air purifier. So, without any further fuss, let’s get started.

Enhanced Asthma Attacks:

If you notice, your or your family has asthma, and it is getting increased,  it may be a symptom that the indoor air quality is poor.  In that case, air should be purified.

Allergic Reactions:

It is another symptom of poor air quality. When allergic reactions happen, you may confront several problems like frequent headaches, tickling eyes, or sloppy nose. If those things happen to you or your family member, you must use air purifiers.

Dusty-Filled Furniture:

Dust reservoir on the home appliances is a sign that you must need an air purifier. When there is a bunch of dust, it becomes accumulated on the furniture.


Congested airways that happen due to increased muddy production is an indication that your air is contaminated. Airways are usually congested due to rising dust in a room.

Final Verdict

Air pollution is one of the significant issues worldwide because millions of people suffer from chronic diseases. Heart attack, stocks, lung cancer, are the result of air pollution. We can’t purify outdoor air quality, but it is possible to neutralize indoor air quality with Air Purifiers’ help.

When it comes to Air Purifiers, most people ask how long does it take for air purifier to work. How much time an Air purifier will take to clean air depends on several things. It mainly relies on room size, purification speed, different filters, weather and more. To get updated information about  Air Purifier, keep an eye on the website.

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