Do I Need An Air Purifier If I Have An Air Conditioner?

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An air conditioner works in an enclosed space and it works on reducing the temperature there. It functions by utilising the volume of the air that passes through it. This is how it achieves its cooling effect. However, an air purifier is distinct because it focuses on sifting the air from the various pollutants present there. An air purifier even reduces the airflow in a provided space.

Yes, you need an air purifier even if you have an air conditioner. Both of them function quite differently. While an air conditioner is concerned with ensuring that air circulates within a room, an air purifier cleans off smoke, dust, pollen and other flammable gases and compounds. You can use an air conditioner to cool the air around you while an air purifier gets rid of contaminants.

Does an Air Conditioner Help Indoor Air Quality?

The only time when an air conditioner can improve indoor air quality is when you maintain, clean and replace the filter of the air conditioner occasionally. However, an air conditioner has little or no impact on reducing the level of impurities that you have indoors.

Does an Air Conditioner Help Indoor Air Quality

This implies that mites, dust, pollen and hair can increase within your space while you use an air conditioner thus reducing the quality of air. Air conditioners can even have an adverse effect on the air quality within a room. This is because damp patches can begin to grow inside the air conditioner causing the removal of moisture in the air. Such a case as this can create a breeding place for molds and bacteria.

An air conditioner has only little contribution to the air quality of your indoor space. It can even affect the air negatively rather than having a positive impact on it.

Do I Need An Air Purifier If I Have An Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner and an air purifier are distinct in their features and the functions that they perform. If you are trying to get rid of hot air from your indoor space, an air conditioner is what you would get. The best air conditioners are the ones that would pump cold air into your indoor space to reduce the heat. The major function of an air conditioner is to regulate the humidity, indoor temperature and a little aspect of the air quality.

Do I Need An Air Purifier If I Have An Air Conditioner

Air purifiers work on not only reducing the particles from the air but also use an ionisation process to neutralise them. Your air purifier cannot work as a coolant for whatever environment you find yourself in. It improves the quality of air and makes people’s health better. If you happen to have allergies or asthma, an air purifier would go a long way in improving your general health condition.

With an air purifier, you can remove or reduce pet dander, allergens, mould spores and some other viruses that are harmful to your health. An air conditioner cannot function in the same capacity as an air purifier which is why you must get them separately.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can I Use An Air Purifier Along With Air Conditioners?

Yes, you can use an air purifier with an air conditioner without any hassle. Both of them can work simultaneously and in the same space. As an air conditioner cools down the air, an air purifier works to clean the air.

In a space where there is little fresh air, an air conditioner comes handy by providing occupants with thermal comfort. However, when the AC is off, pollutants get stronger in the indoor space and they produce a foul smell and even cause suffocation. This is why you need an air purifier alongside your AC.

Use a conditioner and purifier combo if you want to reduce the level of toxins that your body takes in. It would reduce the times you get sick and the need to take medication so you can get better.

Can I use an Air Conditioner with a built-in Air Filter instead of an Air Purifier?

No. Although an air conditioner with a built-in air filter can reduce particles and dust, it affects the general output of the AC. A filter helps in reducing dust and preventing it from entering the fins thus damaging them. However, the dust in the room has tiny particles in large volumes that the filter cannot keep in a trap. Although an AC offers comfort and makes your skin dry, it also causes more pollution which can cause an allergic reaction. This is why you must get an air purifier alongside a built-in filter to safeguard yourself from this pollution.

Can I Use After-Market Air Filter Accessories For Air Conditioners Instead Of An Air Purifier?

No, you cannot use after-market air filter accessories for your AC instead of getting an air purifier. Some air conditioners can actually purify the air to a reasonable extent, however, their design cannot take care of smoke. Air conditioners can make a fair attempt at cleansing the air but they cannot work with the same level of effectiveness that an air purifier does.

Also, filters need constant cleaning and replacement so they can function properly. If this is not done, even the after-market air filter accessories can cause harm to one’s health. Since an air purifier offers all you need in one piece of equipment, there is no need to get cold air intake systems, replacement filters and kits which can be cumbersome.

In A Nutshell

When it is summer, almost every indoor space uses an air conditioner to reduce the effect of heat. With an air conditioner, you can cool off and enjoy comfort at its peak. However, it is terrible that equipment useful as an AC can also affect your general health and wellbeing. This is because it has systems that are focused more on making your space cool.

Based on this notion, an air purifier would play an integral role in protecting you from toxins and contaminants that can cause your health to depreciate. Regardless of whatever you need, a conditioner and purifier combo would offer you satisfaction in a harmless way. Nothing is worth your health, not even the best air filters.

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