Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors 2022?

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We are living in a modern age. We use many modern things for our help, such as air conditioners, recliner chairs, air purifiers, and many more things. Air purifiers have become a favorite thing to all as it helps to purify the air inside home or office.

Nowadays, we suffer from air pollution a lot, even inside the home or the office.  So, for having fresh air inside the house, air purifiers are so useful. But, there are some questions. So, we have got all the answers to the question – do air purifiers remove odors?  Let’s dive into this.

What Are Common Types Of Odors?

Odors! What is an odor? To talk about odors, we must know what this is. The odor is mainly a distinctive smell. Especially an unpleasant one is referred to as odor. Not all people can smell all of these. Usually, we smell 7-10 types of odors. What are these? Let’s find out.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors

Let’s start with the following list containing 7 types of odors and the producers of these odors.

  • Musky – You will smell this from perfumes or even from aftershaves
  • Putrid – Imagine about rotten eggs. Not good, right? This putrid comes from rotten eggs.
  • Pungent – Have you ever tasted or smelled vinegar? Vinegar smells pungent.
  • Camphoraceous – Have you ever heard of mothballs? Mothballs smell like this
  • Ethereal – Passing by a dry cleaning store, and you will have a smell of dry cleaning fluid. It is called the ethereal.
  • Floral – Florals are not odors mainly. These are scents or good smells. You will find this on roses or in any floral scent.
  • Pepperminty – Chewing mint gum, we all get some smell. Right? It is from pepperminty.

Other than these, there are many more odors in common.

Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors?

Before buying an air purifier, people have a question in common. That is, “Do air purifiers remove odors? “ The answer is quite confusing. It is “Yes” and again, the answer is “No” also. Sounds confusing, right?

Let’s elaborate on it. The main purpose of using an air purifier is to remove contaminants from the air, not remove odors. But some air purifiers can help in removing odors but not all of them. So, which ones are?

The special ones that can remove odors have some specific characteristics where the activated charcoal filter is a crucial factor.  If you want an air purifier that will remove the odor, then this is the secret. You need to make sure that it has an activated charcoal filter in it. Without this feature, the purifier won’t be able to remove odors perfectly.

An air purifier can remove musty odors from home. It can become a lifesaver in this case. The traditional carbon-based air purifiers work pretty well in removing odors or musty smells. But, the capacity is a concerning issue. Often this filter gets filled quickly and then releases the odor back into space. Now, let us see what types of odors can an air purifier removes.

  • Smoke: Smoking is injurious, and so is the smell of it. However, cigarettes or a weekend camp-out can be the reason for the smell. This is a smell from which you cannot get rid of easily. It is so difficult to get rid of these odors or bad smells.
  • Pet Odor: If you have a pet, then this is for you. Usually, pets stink. Cause they lick their body much. And it doesn’t make any difference how often you bathe your pet. Because after a certain time, they will stink. Naturally, the furry friends are smelly, and they shed a lot.
  • Food Odors: Normally, people, eat at least one serving of fish or meat a week. But cooking fish or meat can make your home stinky for days.
  • Garbage Odor: Sometimes, you may forget to take the garbage out. The garbage can have raw chicken fat or old vegetables. If this happens, then you are so unfortunate to have a stinky house for the next many days. You already know how challenging it can be to get rid of the smell.

These are many of those odors that can be removed by air purifiers.  So, we can use an air purifier to remove odors.

How To Help An Air Purifier Remove Odors?

Many air purifiers remove the bad smells or the odor. But not every air purifier is capable of it.

Every air purifier does not remove odors because those are not capable of it.

Then, the removal of stubborn odors is not that easy. You also need to do some stuff to help it.

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that the purifier has an activated carbon filter.
  • Secondly, you should try keeping the room odor free.
  • Air purifiers can easily remove light odors.
  • You need to clean the filter surface regularly.
  • You need to change the filter at a particular time.

These are the points on which you need to focus on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re going to buy an air purifier for getting a fresh air insider your home or office, you must have proper knowledge of it. So, let’s check out some additional queries.

Do HEPA air purifiers remove odors?

The answer is no. HEPA filters are meant to reduce ozone, not to remove odors. So, while buying a HEPA air purifier, you need to think about your perspective of having it.

Does the Dyson Air Purifier remove odors?

We can say yes, as this has a very small carbon filter in it. It can reduce a small number of odors from inside or a small space.

Can an air purifier remove odors without a carbon filter?

NO, because carbon filters are capable of removing odors. Any other filter cannot remove any odors.  So, an air purifier cannot remove odors without a carbon filter.

Final Thought

We started this with the question -do air purifiers remove odors?  We researched, studied, and found out every possible thing to answer this question perfectly. We presented here all of the research-driven facts, measurements, procedures, and many more.

We hope you have found all the answers related to this question. We wish you went through this and found this helpful, useful. Thank you for staying with us.

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