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An air purifier is one of the most popular home cleaner products in the world. The popularity and necessity of air purifiers are increasing day by day because of the severe world environment. The air of the residential area is becoming more harmful to the lack of proper ventilation.

We use a different kind of air fresheners, hair spray, cosmetics that spoils the air in the room. Moreover, some domestic pets and birds pollute the indoor air of our room. To get rid of air problems, we should use an air purifier. Before buying air purifiers, some of us want to know, “Do air purifiers really work?”


Are Room Air Purifiers Effective?

Air purifier brings the populated air into the filters and pulls back to the indoor air environments. The filters of the air purifiers remove the air contaminants and harmful gas. The effectiveness of the air purifiers depends on some factors of the machine and the proper use of the machine. If you can choose the right type of air purifier and can use it properly, it will give the maximum benefits.

Besides purifying the indoor air, it has many other health benefits. It prevents many heart and pulmonary diseases. To know more benefits of using air purifiers, visit the following link.

Note: Benefits of an air purifier

Do Air Purifiers Really Work?

An ideal purifier consists of a filter or a couple of filters and a fan that pulls air to the air purifiers. With these fans and filters, it improves the indoor air quality in your home. Many people are eager to know how an air purifier really works to satisfy your curiosities; I have described the full process of working on the air purifiers.

Bring the polluted air:

When you turn on the air purifiers, the fan into it starts working. It sucks the surrounding air and sends it to the air filters. The speed of collecting polluted air depends on the power of fans. A high-quality fan can bring air in minimum time. The fan of the air purifiers can’t function effectively if you keep furniture and other metal things. You need to set it to pull in and push back air without any hindrance, such as furniture and metal things.

Filters purify the air and remove particles:

There are 4 types of air purifiers that work differently to purify the air and remove air particles. They are

  • HEPA filters
  • Ionic Generator Filter
  • Carbon filter
  • UV Radiation Filter

HEPA filter:

HEPA based filters are the most well-known filters in the market. They capture airborne toxic contaminants such as dust, pollen, and animal hair. The latest mesh HEPA filter uses a permanent HEPA that is washable. Though you can wash the filters, we recommend replacing this filter once or twice a year.

Ionic or Ionizer Air Filter:

Ionizer air filters work in air cleaning technologies to improve indoor air conditions. It operates with the charged surface to emit the negatively charged ions into the air. These negatively charged ions attract contaminants from the air. If you buy a low-quality ionizer air purifier, contaminants and impurities will fall onto the floor after purifying the air. The industrialist uses this type of air filters to comply with the standards of industrial safety.

Activated carbon air filters/ charcoal air filter:

This filter uses a special form of activated carbon to absorb and neutralize different molecular basis chemicals. The process of this carbon air filters turn the gases phase to the solid phase. As this filter alone can’t remove the contaminants, it is used with other filters.

UV light Air Filters:

This filter emits invisible light to attack germs and the virus from the indoor home environment. Don’t be worried about the UV radiation because rays only remain inside the air purifier. It uses UV-C light is not harmful to your health.

Push back the air into room environment:

What type of filter you use doesn’t matter because all filter purifiers do the same task. After filtering air from the room, they push back to the room environment.

As the air purifiers do all of its functionalities invisibly, some people raise the question, “ Do air purifiers really work?”. I think you have already understood whether an air purifier works or not.

Our kitchen produces a lot of smells and needs a special type of air purifier. An air purifier with powerful filters keeps your kitchen environment fumeless and healthy. Click the following link to choose the best air purifier for kitchen smells.

Note: best air purifier for kitchen smells

How To Use Air Purifier?

.People buy a powerful air purifier with a HEPA type filter, but they don’t get the maximum benefits from the air purifier. There is no unique way of using it. It depends on the types of air purifiers and the indoor environment of your room. We have discussed the general usage of the air purifiers here.

Let it run for 24/7:

An air purifier can work with the least amount of electricity. So, it doesn’t increase the electricity bill, even turning it 24/7. Some latest air purifiers use the smart AI technology that automatically adjusts its speed and voltage. Moreover, some pets produce contaminants that may harm you if you stop the air purifiers.

Set it where you stay most:

A home-based air purifier can work effectively if you set them for one room. Most people use an air purifier for their bedroom to keep air out of pollutants. You can use an air purifier for the kitchen smells separate from suffering from severe asthma and eczema.

Close windows and doors:

Proper ventilation is necessary for keeping the good air balance. But you need to close the windows and doors at the time of running this machine. If you open the doors and windows when running it, pure air will go outside of the room, and polluted air and contaminants will enter into the room.

These guidelines are basic for keeping the indoor air healthy. To know more details about the use of the air purifier, read the following linked articles.

Note: how to use air purifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my air purifier from room to room?

As an air purifier is a portable machine and can work in any room, you can move it from room to room. To get the maximum benefits, you need to use a purifier for only a room. It is sometimes tough to move heavy weight purifier from room to room.

Should air purifiers run all the time?

Whenever you stop the air purifiers, gas and air contaminants accumulate in the air. It also doesn’t consume high electricity. So, you should run the air purifiers for all time.

Can air purifiers make you sick?

Some low-quality air purifiers can produce some noise when running it and cause headaches and sleep problems. Check the level of noise before buying the air purifier.

Final Thought

We have discussed the process of working the air purifiers. So, we think you will not ask again the question of “ Do air purifiers really work?” The effectiveness of the air purifiers depends on the proper usage of the air purifiers. You should read the manufacturer’s manual to use this machine in the right way.

Use a specialized air purifier for your kitchen to cook without smoke and fume. According to the report of the World health organization, the number of deaths from air pollution is increasing day by day. Approximately 7 million people die every year for the effects of household and outdoor air problems. So, the necessity of air pollution is not a marketing hype; it is an essential product.

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