Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Smells In 2022?

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Imagine your home feeling like a breath of fresh air the moment you step in. I know this is what you always yearn for, but it seems impossible to achieve due to the poor-quality air present in your home. The best way to handle this problem is by having an air purifier that eliminates all kinds of air pollutants in your home. With an air purifier, you are guaranteed of good health because you will be breathing quality air.

Many people tend to ask, do air purifiers get rid of smells? They do hence improve the quality of air circulating in your home. An air purifier works by capturing air pollutants and other allergens that are toxic in the air. Your house is usually filled with all kinds of smells, but the best part is an air purifier can get rid of all of them, leaving your home smelling fresh at all times.

Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Smells?

If you have been asking yourself, do air purifiers get rid of smells? Yes, they do. What you should note when buying an air purifier is choosing one having an activated carbon filter. That is the right air purifier that will eliminate smells and eliminate the lingering smell that is usually quite bothersome. This filter is also efficient in absorbing the chemicals that form bad smells.


If you have been looking for a way to get rid of smells in your home once and for all, then an air purifier is the best way to go. This device uses a fan to ensure that clean air keeps circulating in your home as it eliminates bad smells. An air purifier improves air quality in your house, enabling you to breathe much more relaxed. Therefore, if you suffer from asthma or allergies, with an air purifier, you will be in safe hands because of its high efficiency in keeping the air free from pollutants.

Common Types Of Smells You Can Get Rid Of With An Air Purifier

Every house comes with its smell, for it is quite impossible to find a home with no scent. This happens because every house has different habits that can cause smells contributed by hygiene and cleanliness. Smells are not happenstance, and though it may seem challenging to eradicate them, it can still be done using an air purifier.

An air purifier can get rid of the following smells:


Smoke is one smell that is quite challenging to get rid of, mostly cigarette smoke, because it keeps on lingering. The smell of smoke in a home is a total turn off because it makes the entire house smelly. An air purifier is capable of eliminating the smoke smell, ultimately creating quality air.

Pet Odor

You may be trying your best to keep your pet to keep it from stinking, but no matter what you do, the bad smell still keeps on coming back. That is why you need an air purifier to get rid of the unpleasant odors. Pet odors can lead to allergic reactions; that is why you need an air purifier to sanitize the air and keep it clean.

Food Smells

Food smells have a habit of lingering after you are done with cooking. One type of food whose smell does not go away quickly is fish because of its strong scent. The good news is, with a high-quality air purifier, you can clean the air efficiently. This is enhanced by using an air purifier with a high speed, for it freshens up air quite fast.


The smell that is left behind by garbage that has not been taken out is awful. That kind of smell is difficult to get rid of unless you use an air purifier. Though you may wash your house and even clean the trash can, the smell will remain. That is why you need an air purifier that works to eliminate that garbage smell.

Dirty Diapers

Disposing of a used diaper anyhow can make your house smell terrible. But with a quality air purifier, you can keep the room of your baby smelling good and the entire house. This air purifier will also keep your baby safe from allergens that may cause allergies.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Smells?

Bad smells can be quite unpleasant, bearing in mind how unhealthy they can be. To enjoy safe, quality air, you have to find ways to eliminate bad smells. To get rid of bad smells, do the following;

  • Identify the source of the bad smell. Once you identify the source, devise a way to eliminate it to ensure it does not continue being bothersome.
  • Practice good hygiene and regular house cleaning. By doing that, you will get rid of anything that may cause your house to smell bad.
  • Work on the ventilation. Consider taking the ventilation a notch higher to keep your house smelling fresh throughout.
  • Consider having an air purifier that works to enhance quality air inside your house. This will ensure that you breathe safe and fresh air free from bad smell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to leave the air purifier on all night?

You can leave an air purifier on all night without causing any harm. Having an air purifier all night ensures that it works efficiently to clean the air and get rid of bad odor.

Is it safe to sleep with an air purifier on?

It is quite safe sleeping with an air purifier on for it will help you breathe better, enabling you to enjoy your sleep.

Can an air purifier make you sick?

An air purifier cannot make you sick. It is an air purifier that prevents you from getting sick in the first place, eliminating allergens and air pollutants that cause sickness.

Final Thought

Indoor air quality is essential; hence you should always be thinking of ways to ensure your indoor air is of exceptional quality. Many people don’t know this, but your home is filled with indoor air contaminants that cause allergies, dust, and bacteria. All these air contaminants can potentially make you sick, especially if you spend most of your time indoors. Be motivated to get an air purifier that works to ensure that only quality air keeps circulating in your house.

But the big question asked by many is, do air purifiers get rid of smells? If you have ever used an air purifier before, you can agree that cleaning the air is exceptionally efficient. Using the best air purifier, you ensure that you make a difference in your home and prevent you from frequent visits to the doctor. Choose not to tolerate unpleasant smells in your home by getting an air purifier that will guarantee you quality air to help you breathe healthier.

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