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Summer is a very interesting and entertaining season but it is the hottest one compared to others. I love everything about the summer season except the excessive heat. It is so intolerable, especially when you’re working, sleeping, or relaxing. In a simple word, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, heat will easily find its way and make your space sweaty, dehydrating.

So I’ve been looking for a solution to get rid of this problem and find the best solution for me. Now here in this CoolAir Review, I’m going to show you a very innovative device that will easily take the place of your AC/fan and make your space cool. You can also use this CoolAir device as an air purifier,  Cooler, and air humidifier.

What Is Coolair Portable Air Conditioner?

The CoolAir portable air conditioner is an all in one device. It serves as an air purifier, air cooler, and Air humidifier. This three-speed portable air conditioner comes with an innovative design to make your place cool and save your money. If you use a bulky air conditioner 24/7 then you’ve to pay a large number of bills for your electricity consumption.

What is CoolAir portable air conditioner

Where the CoolAir air conditioner is a perfect alternative to your ACs. This mini air conditioner is so efficient and powerful that it is also a very good replacement for the traditional fans. Due to its lightweight and compact size, you can easily place it in every corner of your house and enjoy it.

It has a super ability to cool space within 10 minutes. Most importantly you can easily bring it with you wherever you move and stay cool everywhere. While cooling your area it also cleans the air. Its 750-ml water tank humidifies the air of your space and provides you fresh and pure cool air.

The advantages of this device are not finished yet, after cooling, humidifying your area it does another impressive job. It has an evaporating filter that traps the airborne particles and purifies the air. The device also has a moonlight option with 7-different colorful light for creating a relaxing environment.

What Are The Standout Features Of Coolair?

The CoolAir has so many outstanding features that make it more unique and impressive than other devices.  Now here in this CoolAir Review section, I’m going to add some impressive features of this device.

What are the standout features of CoolAir

Portable and Quite:

The quietness is the loveliest part of this device. While the device is running it makes no sound. On the other hand, the device comes with a very compact size that makes it super portable. You can take the device with you wherever you move.

The device runs with a USB cable, so you don’t need to think about the electrical-socket to function. You can power up the device by connecting it with your car, computer, laptop, etc by using a USB cable. It doesn’t matter wherever I move, I keep it with my self to keep myself cool all the time.   


The device comes with a very sleek design and compact size. You can put it anywhere in your room and it’ll increase the beauty of your space. It has a 7-different colorful light to create a relaxing environment. While I go to bed, I turn off all the lights in my room and turn the light on the CoolAir device.  Trust me, it creates a super relaxing environment. 

Fast Cooling:

In your first impression, you might think that it’s a very simple device and won’t work effectively. But believe me, you’ll be shocked while turning it on. With the CoolAir device, you can cool your room within 60 seconds. It has three individual fan modes that cool your area in a faster process.

LED Light:

The device has 7-colorful built-in LED lights. You can select any of them that goes with your mood. You’ll enjoy a colorful moonlight feeling with these LED lights. 


An average air conditioner consumes 3000-3500 watts. Because of this, you’ve to pay a high amount of bills. On the contrary, CoolAir consumes 350 watts only which is approximately 10-time less than an average traditional air-conditioner. From the day, I’ve started using this device, I usually don’t turn my central air conditioner on. As a result, my electricity bill is reduced by 45%. 


The producer of this device uses high technology to provide you clean and pure air. It’s equipped with an evaporating-filter that traps the airborne particles and purifies the air.

How Does It Work?

The CoolAir is designed in a way so that you can conveniently use it without any complex installation like actual ACs. All that it needs is Water and a little power to provide you cool air for 8-long hours.

How Does It Work

To run this device, pour some clean water into the device’s internal tank and then power the device with a USB cable. Once the device is turned on it’ll take approximately 10 minutes to cool an area. While cooling your space the device also humidifies the air around you.

Inside the cooler, there is an evaporative water filter to purify the air. It also has a mood light option that provides you 7-different colors to create a relaxing environment. In a simple word, I’ve never seen an AC that is this lightweight, powerful, and ultra-quiet.

Who Needs CoolAir Portable Air Conditioner?

Anyone who wants to enjoy cool, pure air is highly benefited from this device. Especially, people who work in an airless office, CoolAir is the best choice for them. It is also good for those people who’re having a hard time while going to bed because of the heat.

Who Needs CoolAir Portable Air Conditioner

Even the colorful soothing light of this device will create a relaxing environment for you and help you to sleep well. It is a perfect solution to maintain the temperature of your house. Due to its super portability, you can use it from your kitchen to bedroom, outdoor, wherever you want. Mostly, I’ve used this device while sleeping and working in the kitchen. In those my situation it is my best companion. Sometimes I also take it with me while going outside. 

Pros of using the CoolAir
  • It has a 3 Speeds controlled fan.
  • Can be powered with a USB connection.
  • It cools, humidifies, purifies the air of your area.
  • 7-colorful mood changing LED light.
  • Compact size and super portable device.
  • The water tank lasts up to 8 hours.
Cons of using the CoolAir
  • Limited range.
  • Available only online.

How to Order CoolAir?

If you decide to get this device right now then here is an amazing offer for you. The manufacturer of the  CoolAir device, currently giving a promo offer. During this offer, you can get the device with a massive 50% discount and free shipping around the globe.

How to order CoolAir

To activate this offer you need to go through the link that I’ve included down this section. With this link, you can directly purchase the product from the official site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you complete the CoolAir Review, there are some common questions that’ll naturally arise in your curious mind. Down this segment, I’ve added some questions and provide their answers that people frequently asked about CoolAir.

Can I place CoolAir outdoors?

Yes, you can place it outdoors and still enjoy the clean and cool air from it.

Does the CoolAir really work?

Without any doubt, CoolAir works absolutely fantastic. Within one minute it starts to cool an area and in 10 minutes it makes the entire area cool.

Is the CoolAir Worth Buying?

With the CoolAir device, you get three individual device benefits, such as air cooler, humidifier, purifiers. Even, it consumes 10-times less power than a traditional AC. So, undoubtedly, it’s worth buying this device.

How long can the CoolAir last?

The device lasts for 8 hours. After 8-hours you need to refill the water tank again.

What makes CoolAir Special?

Its compact size, silent operation, less power consumption, three separate modes, air cooler, humidifier, purifier, and colorful LED-lights, make this device really special to everyone.

Are CoolAir units any good?

CoolAir is a perfect device for people who want to reduce their electricity bill without compromising the cool and fresh air.

How good is the CoolAir air conditioner?

The device takes minimal energy and very little time to cool an area compared to other devices. Due to its portability, you can shift it from one space to another space conveniently.

Are there any cons to this cool air system?

CoolAir device is available only online, and it gets out of stock too quickly due to its high demand.

Bottom Line

This summer, CoolAir could be your best companion. If you read the above CoolAir Review then you already know why I’m saying this. It is a multi-functional portable device.

CoolAir is not only going to provide you with cool and fresh air but also humidify and purify the air of your space. You can easily bring it with you anywhere you move and enjoy clean and pure air, everywhere.

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