Can I Put My Air Purifier on a Table? Placement Tips Your Air Purifier

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An air purifier is an essential gadget to breathe in pollution-free air. This gadget helps remove  potential toxins and carcinogenic contaminants from the air and reduces the chance of airborne diseases. But if you don’t set it up properly, all your efforts will fail. That’s why you need to choose a good place to set it up properly to get the best performance.

Besides, you may have a question on your mind, can I put my air purifier on a table? Yes, you can put an air purifier on the table that will help you clean the air you breathe more. This is because air purifiers work more efficiently in low-lying areas such as floors or shelves.

Which Room is Best For Putting Your Air Purifier?

Your first consideration after purchasing an air purifier is which room to keep it in. You can keep it in a room where you spend most of your time or in a place where the risk of airborne pollutants spreading is high. Many parents prefer to install air purifiers in their children’s rooms. This is because of the risk of respiratory problems or allergic reactions to contaminants that can damage their immune system and internal organs.

Putting Your Air Purifier

However, an air purifier can be installed in the bedroom to maintain clean air while you are sleeping. The living room is also a perfect palace for setting up air purifiers where all members of the family spend time. Besides, the kitchen is the place where most pollutants and odors are generated. To get rid of this you can use air purifiers for kitchen smells to make a favorable environment to reduce the growth of bacteria and mold.

Can I Put My Air Purifier On A Table

It is very important to place your air purifier in the right place to get the best performance. There are a few conditions you can consider to place your air purifier on a table. If you place it too low on the floor or too high on the shelf, it will not be able to work effectively. Basically, an air purifier pulls pollutants out of the air around you and a filter located inside it captures dust particles.

Put My Air Purifier On A Table

In fact, placing an air purifier on a table or in a high position can work effectively. This way it does not have to pull air from the bottom from this position. It will get enough air as it is above from the ground that will help it to work more efficiently. Besides, placing an air purifier 0.5 meters above the surface makes it easier to capture air horizontally and vertically. This way it will keep your air clean and free from dust and pollen particles.

Where Not To Put An Air Purifier

Just as it is important to know where to place your air purifier, it is also important to know where it should not be placed. Placing your purifier in the wrong place can prevent it from working effectively. Below we’ll discuss a few common places that air purifier placement should be avoided.

Don’t Place Air Purifier In A Corner

By placing the air purifier in one corner you will prevent the purifier from capturing air pollutants. Because the air flow in the corner is always the lowest. In addition, the indoor air quality in the corners can be fantastic. Thus, micron particles in other parts of the house will be captured by the purifier properly.

Avoid Places With High Humidity

High humidity means heavy air which requires more energy to create indoor airflow. Besides, this type of air reduces the capacity of air purifier filters. Kitchens and bathrooms are places where the humidity level can rise above 90%. Due to high humidity in these places air purifiers don’t work properly. In such cases, you can use a dehumidifier that can help to reduce the humidity of your room.

Don’t Place Air Purifier Near Electronic Device

Some air purifiers are sensitive to other electronic devices and will not work accurately if you put them next to others. It is also possible that air purifiers will interfere with other electronic devices. Keep in mind that this can happen and if you see any interference between the gadgets, just move them to another part of the room.

Don’t Place Behind or Below Furniture

Air purifiers need good airflow and work best when there are no barriers around. Once you place your air purifier behind the furniture, the purifier doesn’t get sufficient air to remove airborne particles. Besides, you may consider placing your purifier on the shelf, but this position can reduce the efficiency of your air purifier.

Don’t Pair Air Purifier with other Similar Devices

If you have multiple devices such as humidifier or dehumidifier, filter, or air conditioner, you should think about which one to use. This is because the air purifier needs enough air flow to filter the dust particles. If the air is driven in different directions, the air purifier cannot remove all the airborne particles from the room.


Hopefully, you have found the answer to the question of “can I put my air purifier on a table”. Placing an air purifier on the table is a great way to get the best outcomes. That way it will be able to catch enough floating indoor air pollutants such as mold spores, dust, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and others.

However, make sure the air purifier has rubber padding that will act as anti-skid and noise-suppressing platforms. This will also help you to prevent falling and breaking from the table. So, placing an air purifier isn’t very difficult, if you properly followed the mentioned guidelines.

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