Can Air Purifiers Make You Sick? 5 Things to Consider

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Air purifiers are exceptional devices that clean the air hence eliminating all kinds of air pollutants. An air purifier is a fantastic device for people suffering from allergies or asthma, for it gets rid of air pollutants that cause sickness. If you have been wondering, “can air purifiers make you sick?” the answer is no, they cannot. The fact is, air purifiers are not supposed to make you sick, for they protect you from sickness in the first place.

If you have not noticed, air purifiers are designed to enhance your health. This is because they work to eliminate contaminants in the air that cause sickness. With the right air purifier, you will only be surrounded by quality air hence no chances of falling sick. The truth about an air purifier is it protects your health and does not hinder it.

Can Air Purifiers Make You Sick?

Can air purifiers make you sick? When used correctly, air purifiers cannot make you sick. However, when purchasing an air purifier, ensure that it is free from Ozone because that can harm you. If you want to enjoy good health when using air purifiers, go for one that is Ozone free. It is quite easy to use an air purifier, not forgetting all the health benefits it will bring you.


The best way to use an air purifier is to leave it on day and night to ensure that safe and clean air keeps circulating. A high-quality air purifier comes with immense benefits, including the prevention of allergies that make you sick. With the right air purifier, your health is improved, and our home becomes a pleasant place. By breathing clean and quality air, your body functions better because it is in excellent health.

What Do Air Purifiers Really Do?

You may have heard about air purifiers, but you have no clue what they do. To put it simply, air purifiers purify the air eliminating allergens, microbes, toxins, and other pollutants. What makes an air purifier unique is it not only purifies the air but also sanitizes it, ensuring that only clean and pure air is circulating. Having an air purifier is quite beneficial for it works to get rid of symptoms that can lead to asthma or even allergies.

Air purifiers cleanse the air eliminating all the impurities in your home from dust, smoke, pet dander, and odors. Indoor air is usually filled with a lot of pollutants, and it can make your house feel quite uncomfortable. That is why you need an air purifier to ensure that you enjoy quality indoor during the day and night. Air purifiers capture pollutants through its multiple filters and then push back clean air into the room.

How To Ensure Your Air Purifier Doesn’t Make You Sick?

Air purifiers were not designed to make you sick; on the contrary, they protect you from pollutants that can make you sick. A good air purifier filters out harmful particles present in the air enabling you to breathe better. With an air purifier, you will no longer have asthma or any allergies.

To ensure your air purifier does not make you sick, consider the following;

Keep off Ozone air purifiers

Some air purifiers emit ozone gas when in use, which is terrible for your health. What many people don’t know is Ozone is a toxic gas that causes inflammation to the body. Using an air purifier that emits Ozone can cause you to have trouble breathing and cause persistent coughing. Breathing in Ozone for a long time causes complete damage to your lungs and can lead to death in some circumstances.

Practice changing filters

Without the regular maintenance of filters will make your air purifier not function properly. You have to change the filters regularly so that your air purifier does not make you feel worse. A HEPA filter works by collecting pollutants meaning they got clogged with time; hence you have to clean it frequently. Air purifiers can only improve your air quality and your health if they are used correctly.

Make proper use of an air purifier

It is not just about buying an air purifier but using it the right way. For an air purifier to work efficiently, it has to run for a specified amount of time. The right way to use an air purifier is by having it on day and night. If you use an air purifier the right way, it can clean a room efficiently in 30 minutes.

Ratings and standards

Before getting an air purifier, check its standards and ratings to ensure that its of excellent quality. An essential rating to review is the clean air delivery rate (CADR), for it determines the rate at which pollutants will be eliminated. Always note that the higher this rating, the more performance the air purifier will be.

Household hygiene

You need to maintain high standards of cleanliness regardless of whether you are using an air purifier. Even though an air purifier sucks up air particles and filters out dust, you still have to maintain household hygiene. If that is not maintained, you will end up suffering from allergies, making you feel sick. This is because if you don’t clean your house, pollutants will remain there as they wait to be picked up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is air purifier good for asthma?

An air purifier gets rid of allergens and air pollutants that cause asthma. It is, therefore, clear that an air purifier is good for asthma.

Does air purifier help with breathing?

If you use an air purifier the right way, it works to ensure that quality and clean air circulates in your home. This means you will breathe clean air because of an air purifier.

Where should I place my air purifier?

The best place to place an air purifier is where the odor is to cleanse the air.

Final Thought

Indeed, air purifiers are efficient and very safe to use. Using an air purifier, you ensure that your home is provided with quality air that keeps you healthy. So, if you have been asking, can air purifiers make you sick? The answer is no because they are meant to maintain your health and not cause you harm.

When choosing an air purifier, avoid those that generate Ozone, for they will make you sick. Using a high-quality air purifier works exceptionally well in maintaining a healthy conducive environment for the whole family. If you want your home to be the best place to be, make use of an air purifier that remains on throughout the day and night.

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