Can Air Purifier Cause Sore Throat?

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We usually use the air purifiers in our home as air cleaners and to control the humidity level of our home. Though the air purifiers are designed to remove the airborne particles from the air of our house but they can cause health issues also. Maximum people asked the question, “Can Air Purifier Cause Sore throat?”

It is true that air purifiers can aggravate many health issues like clogged nasal passages, allergic reactions, dry throat, and problems in respiratory conditions. The purpose of the air purifier is to make the air of your room healthier to breathe. But you will find some air purifiers in the market that can cause throat irritation. If you are facing these types of health issues, then you can read this article to solve your problems.

Are Air Purifiers Bad for Your Health?

Some popular ionizing air cleaners can be risky and dangerous to your health, especially if you are airborne allergens. An investigation by Consumers Union found that maximum best selling air purifier models emit high levels of ozone. Ozone exposure can worsen allergy symptoms, and it works as a lung irritant. Ozone air purifiers can decrease lung functions. Ozon is a harmful and detrimental gas coming from gasoline vapors, car exhaust, and other pollutants.

Are Air Purifiers Bad for Your Health?

Some research says that ionizing air cleaners do a poor job of cleaning airborne dust particles and smoke than their advertising suggests. Each year more than 50 million people are affected by various types of allergies. According to Alana Biggers, a board-certified internal medical expert, “ allergens from the air include pollen, dirt, dust, mold spores, bacteria, fibers, metal, wood particles, animal fur can cause dangerous health issues.”

Can Air Purifier Cause Sore Throat?

The most common concern of air purifier users is that “Can air purifier cause sore throat?” All the air purifiers do not cause sore throat. If your air cleaner has a HEPA filter, then it will not cause a sore throat. In fact, this type of filter does the opposite. It will prevent sore throat because it can remove bacteria from the air around you.

Can an Air Purifier Cause Sore Throat?

The primary purpose of using air cleaners at home and office is to make the air healthier to breathe. But there are some sir cleaners that can cause throat irritation and sore throat. These cleaners are called ionic air purifiers or ionizers. If you are suffering from a chronic respiratory condition like an asthma attack, you can have a sore throat while running an ionic air purifier.

Sore throat happens because the ionizers emit particles into the air as a way to clean it. Some tiny amount of ozone comes along with these particles as a byproduct. Ozone generator purifiers can cause a sore throat and are also the cause of Asthma triggers. So, it is true that ozone purifiers can cause a sore throat but not all air purifiers.

The Right Way to Use an Air Purifier

It is essential to use an air purifier in the right way. Here I have included some tricks and trips that you need to follow to get the best result from your air purifier.

The Right Way to Use an Air Purifier

1. Close the Door and Windows

While using the air purifier at home, you need to make sure that you have closed all the doors and windows. If you don’t close them, the purified air inside your room will escape from the windows and doors. Air purifiers work best while they are used in confined places like a closed room.

2. Replace the Filters at the Right Time

Replacing the filter is another essential factor that you should keep in mind while using the air purifiers. The filters of the air cleaner play a vital role to keep dust and other impurities away from your home. So it is crucial to replace the filter at the allotted time.

3. Use the Air Purifier at the Right Time

To get maximum benefits, you should use your air purifier at the right time. Air purification is a continuous process as the quality of the air keeps changing which is the reason why you need to switch on the machine 24/7.

Use the Air Purifier at the Right Time

4. Place the Purifier in the Right Location

Air purifiers need some breathing space to give you the maximum benefits. So, it is necessary to have enough space around your air purifier. When it finds enough space, it receives an unobstructed flow of fresh air. Use the cleaner in a place where you sleep or work for better results. You can use your personal air purifier around neck to get the best result.

5. Keep it Away from the Walls in a Flat Place

If your air purifier has front air intakes and side intakes with the outlet at the top, then you should keep it away from the walls. It is essential to ensure the location you pick to place your air purifier must not have objects blocking the air intakes and outlets. You need to keep the appliance at least 15 cm from the nearest object.

Keep it Away from the Walls in a Flat Place


All the air purifiers are designed to work to clean the polluted air. If you asked me the question, Can Air Purifier Cause Sore throat? My answer will be, some purifiers like ozone generator purifiers or ozone air purifiers can cause sore throats. If you use ionizer purifiers, then you will have a sore throat, cough, headache, Asthma attacks, and other health issues.

Some best-quality air purifiers do not cause a sore throat and other health issues. If you want to get fresh and purified air, then you can use the purifiers which have HEPA filters. This type of air purifier does not harm your health. To have a healthy breath, get the best air purifier for your home and working place.


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