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Do Air Purifiers Dry Out the Air

Do Air Purifiers Dry Out the Air in Your Home for 2022

Most of the people always doubt purchasing an air purifier whether it dries out the air. Day by day, both our internal and external environment is becoming poor in condition due to industrialization and climate change. Many houses are using air purifiers to get fresh and clean air. But no instrument can beat the natural … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Dust Mites

Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Dust Mites? 5 Proven Ways in 2022

Do you have allergies to dust mites? Well, not only you but also many people have this problem. One study found that more than 0.13 billion humans have health issues because of dust mites. Some may sneeze, some may wheeze whenever they come close to dust mites. Do air purifiers get rid of dust mites? … Read more


Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Smells In 2022?

Imagine your home feeling like a breath of fresh air the moment you step in. I know this is what you always yearn for, but it seems impossible to achieve due to the poor-quality air present in your home. The best way to handle this problem is by having an air purifier that eliminates all … Read more


Can Air Purifiers Make You Sick? 5 Things to Consider

Air purifiers are exceptional devices that clean the air hence eliminating all kinds of air pollutants. An air purifier is a fantastic device for people suffering from allergies or asthma, for it gets rid of air pollutants that cause sickness. If you have been wondering, “can air purifiers make you sick?” the answer is no, … Read more


Do Air Purifiers Work For Pet Odor? Can They Help Pet Owners 2022

Having pets comes with that bad pet smell that keeps lingering no matter how you keep cleaning your house. You may be on the verge of losing it because pet odor causes a lot of discomfort because of breathing unclean air. For all these to change, you must get the best air purifier for dog … Read more


Are Air Purifiers Safe For Pets In 2022?

Are you thinking of having an air purifier at home? Or are you concerned about the well-being of your pets? There is nothing to worry about; we got all the information & tips for you. Today we came up with the question- are air purifiers safe for pets? We are going to cover all the … Read more


How to Tell If Air Purifier is Working? An Expert Explains 2022

An air purifier is a useful device to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers have internal fans to move the air steadily in a specified direction in your home through several filters that vanish harmful airborne particles like dust, spermatic fluid, and bacteria. It is easy to operate and needs very little maintenance. But sometimes … Read more

How to clean an air purifier filter

How To Clean An Air Purifier Filter – What You Should Know 2022

Air filters have become part and parcel of our everyday lives. It is widely used in vehicles and homes for fresh pollutant-free air. People often want to know how to clean an air purifier filter and keep it functioning correctly. This article will try to know how you can clean washable and non-washable filters to … Read more

How often should you run an air purifier

How Often Should You Run An Air Purifier In 2022

Air pollution is one of the inhabitable natural hazards that you can never escape from, no mate where you go. Lung cancer, asthma, skin cancer, irritation, itching, and so many other respiratory diseases result from these pollutants. The most alarming news is, the air inside your house has twice the pollution saturation compared to the … Read more

what size air purifier do I need

What Size Air Purifier Do I Need 2022 [Step by Step]

The air inside your house is often way more saturated with pollutants compared to the air outside. Dangerous pollutants such as nicotine smoke, mold spore, pet dander get trapped in your home and cause a lot of problems. An air purifier can effectively eliminate the allergens and give you a better and fresh air to … Read more