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Does Air Purifier Help With Radon

Does an Air Purifier Help With Radon?

There’s no doubt that radon gas is a carcinogen; if present in your house, it puts you at risk of lung cancer. It’s advisable to perform a radon test, and if positive, start mitigation immediately. There are several techniques used to mitigate this radioactive gas, air purifiers being among them. However, air purifiers have caused … Read more

Should I Run Ceiling Fan With Air Purifier

Should I Run a Ceiling Fan With Air Purifier?

It can be very refreshing coming back home after a tiring day at work to a room that has clean and pollution-free air. Have you ever asked the question should I run a ceiling fan with air purifier? I know you probably have; as an air purifier owner, the temptation to run a fan along … Read more

Does Medicare Cover Air Purifiers

Does Medicare Cover Air Purifiers?

Have you ever suffered from an asthma attack? Do you usually have breathing problems? Are you getting old, and the air seems toxic? If you have had these experiences, you will know how vital air purifiers are. Air purifiers help filter impurities from the air. Because of air purifiers’ importance, questions always pop up. Does … Read more

Do Air Purifiers Cause Sinus Problems

Do Air Purifiers Cause Sinus Problems?

During the summer and spring months, most people experience sinus problems; having uncomfortable and difficulty breathing. This is where air purification comes in handy. However, there has been a heated debate on whether or not air purifiers help with a sinus problem. There are mixed reactions; Some believe these machines cause sinus problems. So, do … Read more

Best Air Purifier for Guinea Pigs

Best Air Purifier for Guinea Pigs: Get Odorless and Fresh Air Each Time!

If you have a guinea pig as your pet, congratulations, you’ve got the cutest and most fluffy thing on earth to be friends with. But the issue is, they’re known as pooping machines (funny but true), and this causes smell all over the house. Besides, their hair and dander can create allergy problems. They’ve sensitive … Read more

Why Does My Ferrets Poop Smell So Bad

Why Does My Ferrets Poop Smell So Bad? – Identifying

One common thing among ferret owners is that they battle with foul smells, which ferrets are known for.  If you notice that your ferrets poop smell so bad like rotten eggs, they are likely sick and they require urgent medical attention. Your ferret may likely be suffering from a viral infection known as Epizootic Carrtahal … Read more

House Smells When You Walk In-What Can You Do

House Smells When You Walk In – What Can You Do?

Have you ever walked inside your house and noticed some kind of foul odor or smell, I am sure many have experienced this. Body odors can change people’s mood and turn off the guest especially when they are new to the environment.  These foul smells and odors can occur from several sources which include mold, … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In Room

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Odor In Room – 3 Ways

Ferrets are naturally calm, curious, friendly, and intelligent, and these behaviors make them more popular than other pets. Well, if you’re also a ferret lover and have a ferret, you are probably dealing with ferret odor issues. Ferrets are smelly pets, and they have a  musky smell that many ferret owners adapt after a certain … Read more

Can Air Purifiers Clean Concrete Dust

Can Air Purifiers Clean Concrete Dust? [Know Ways]

Concrete dust refers to different types of dust that are usually produced during different activities on a construction site. Various concrete-related activities can produce concrete dust, and the most common one is building or room renovations. If you’re associated with construction site-related activities, you must know that concrete dust is dangerous and can cause severe … Read more

Best Air Purifiers For Ferret Odor

5 Best Air Purifiers For Ferret Odor [Reviews and Buying Guide In 2022]

Keeping a ferret in your home will ensure that the number of mice will be reduced. No doubt, it is a great benefit. But, one of the major downsides with ferrets is it generates uncomfortable odors. If you have been in the same situation before, you already know that ferret odors are unpleasant. To rectify … Read more