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What is Airpurifiergeek

With the name Airpurifiergeek, you can almost sense what this site is all about. Airpurifiergeek is the most reliable place when you’re looking for an Air purifier for your home, office, smoke-allergies, remove pet-odors, or any other purpose. We have a group of experts, research, and a creative writing team who continuously do research to help people who need air purifiers.

Every single one of us works very hard to save people’s time & energy by providing them reliable data. No matter what types of Air purifiers need! We’ve designed our site in a way that you’ll find every single piece of information the exact way you need. Making your Air purifier shopping easier is the dream of our whole team.

How Our Products Are Rated

We follow a systematic process to rate our products. Above all things, our main priority is what customers want? We only care about the needs and demands of the customers who are looking for an air purifier. So the main foundation of our product rating is based on the customer requirements.

Before selecting any air purifier model of any brand, our research team did an intense search on an air purifier. Then after comparing their core features with other top-selling air purifiers they make a shortlist of the best products. Then from the shortlist our expert team does more deep research and cross-checks their main features with the real-buyers review. After analyzing all the tests, when an air purifier fulfills all the requirements it forwarded to the research writer team.

Then the research team includes all the details and features of the air purifiers and organizes them as per their effectiveness. In simple terms, through our product rating system, we bring out the best model air purifier of the best brand for its users.

How We Make the Product Reviews

We follow a systematic and well-organized process to review our products. Have a look at the below segment to know the process of our Air purifier review system.

Research The Market

Researching the market is the first and foremost thing that we do first. We identify how many options we have? When we had the list, our research and the expert team started studying the novelties of the market. Through this, they point out all the information about the best Air purifier of the best brands.

Listing the Key Features

Not all the features of different brands of air purifiers will be effective for the customers. So our research team identifies the core features of the air purifier that are needed for air purifier customers. In this process, we pick the best air purifier that offers all the key features of the air purifiers must have to.

Selection Process

After analyzing the market, sorting out their key features, we have primary data of the best air purifier. Now from the above data, we pick the air purifiers that are top in the selling and highly accepted by the consumer.

Analyzing Real-Buyers Review

We’ve developed an advanced system that can identify unnatural reviews. This allows us to read the real buyer’s review, get ideas from their real-life experience. We note down their advice and warnings and follow this while listing a product on our site.


For every effective feature and benefit, we give a score to our listed air purifiers. The best air purifier of the best brand gets the top score and through this, these air purifiers enter our ranking list.

Review Writings

After all the analysis, experiments, and tests done by our research and experts team. We finally selected the products and sent them to our research writer team to enlist their description & features.

Buying Guide

We accumulated all of our findings, research results in one place to help you in making the right decision. If you follow the buying guideline, you can pick the best air purifier that will fulfill all of your requirements.

Who Are We?

Joseph Lee

Basically, Joseph is a businessman but he is very much passionate about writing. He’s the main editor and the owner of this site. Joseph completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering. After completing his study, he works in a reputed industry as a technical head. Now he started his own business and besides that he researches and writes on different aspects of the technology. 

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Gary P. Miller

Gary is our senior research writer. He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English literature. He also has a creative writing degree from the University of Portsmouth. Before joining us, he worked as a chief writer for a renowned magazine. After joining Airpurifiergeek, Gary works with us as a research writer, editor, and consultant. He is not writing just because it’s his profession, it’s actually what he is passionate about. Before writing any topics he did very deep research that’s why every information you get here is well justified. 

Dr. William R. Smith

William is the team leader of our expert team. He holds Bachelor’s, Master’s, & Doctoral Degrees in Electrical engineering. He is the man who never stops learning new things because he always wants to increase his level of skill. Before joining us, Dr. William works with many reputed companies. Now he is working with us as the leader of our research and expert team.

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